Are you the kind of restaurant that wants to be celebrated?


In today’s world, choice seduces consumers at every turn. From where they buy their jeans or grab a cup of coffee, to where they get a haircut or meet up with friends for dinner, the options available to consumers seem endless! Chances are, there are probably several restaurants in your area that are serving the same type of cuisine as your establishment. While you may consider your steak, pizza, sushi or burger to be the best in town, is that enough to keep customers coming back again and again? Sure, you may have superior customer service or run great promotions, but today’s consumers desire even more. By providing your establishment with their business, consumers expect to be rewarded.


Reward your customers so they turn into loyal, raving fans.

Besides the fact that it costs nearly seven times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing customer, it is customer loyalty that is essential for driving sustainable growth. Did you know that 12-15 percent of your restaurant’s most loyal customers contribute 55-70 percent of your total sales? In addition to cta-42driving your sales, loyal customers that feel special and rewarded are happy to share their experiences with their friends and family. Hooray for free marketing! (*callout next to this paragraph could be: 82% of loyalty program members refer at least one person and 42% refer four or more people!)

So, why is it that so many restaurants struggle with retaining and engaging their customers? Well, it’s not just about having a loyalty program in place; it’s about what kind of loyalty program you have in place. The days of paper punch loyalty cards have long since passed. This old method is impersonal, lacking in metrics and presents very few opportunities for customer engagement. The only way to turn an occasional customer into a loyal customer is through deeper engagement. (Possible callout or sub-header: Customer engagement is the journey and loyalty is the destination.)

The path to loyalty

During your journey to loyalty, today’s mobile communication technology is your strongest tool to help you achieve your goals. Smartphones play an increasing role in the way consumers interact with others, absorb content and educate themselves when making purchasing decisions. Over 123 million Americans use smartphones, with more than 33 million using their mobile devices for reward programs! There is no denying that your customers are utilizing mobile technology. If you’re not, you are missing the boat.