I Want To Promote My Restaurant Specials But Don’t Know How

Promote My Restaurant SpecialsMany restaurant owners ask themselves, how can I promote my restaurant specials? Restaurants rise and fall by their customers and customers come and go according to how good the food and service is. Restaurant owners are always trying to find ways to capture and retain customers and one tactic is promoting restaurant specials. There are many digital tools today that can be used to promote restaurant specials.

Developing A Website

A website is a great place to promote a restaurant and offers the flexibility to really offer a full online presence. This means being able to provide an atmosphere on the website that reflects the brand. This requires a lot of coding and development work that could end up being costly if the process does not go smoothly. If the restaurant owner does not know how to build a site, then a Web Designer will have to be hired. In order to assure a smooth process, there would have to be many pre-development meetings to convey the idea of the site to the designer. Another issue with starting a website is not being mobile optimized, this is a problem because the majority of internet users are on mobile devices.

Social Media Strategies

Probably the most popular digital tool today is Social Media which includes Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These social media tools allow you to reach a large amount of people very quickly and with relatively minimal investment. The reach of your restaurant’s social media presence depends on its actual popularity which manifests itself through followers and fans. Each of these is also a potential brand ambassador that can share and retweet your specials to other patrons or potential first time customers. Social Media is much easier to learn and DIY friendly than a website is but doesn’t offer the tailored brand experience that an owner might want. You will answer be fighting for people’s attention through their news feeds and there is not guarantee they will pay attention.

Global Reaching Apps

This is a great median between designing a website and a social media campaign. It allows you to create a custom brand experience, but since apps are on a much smaller scale, they must be focused towards useful information. The app should have a few essential features for it to provide value to customers:

A large advantage for restaurants is that more people are looking for restaurants on the go through mobile apps. With a large user base an owner can also gather a lot of market data through an app that can be used towards segmentation and targeting. This is a great advantage to promote specials. An owner can see what items sell well on certain days and which don’t, this information can allow for setting up a specials’ schedule to push items that regularly don’t sell.

These three strategies are great ways to answer the “how do I promote my restaurant specials” question. The most complete solution would be the development of an app because it allows for customization as well as high potential for engagement since it is on a mobile platform. Appsuite can really aid the app development process by helping cut cost and time of development. Appsuite works with restaurant brands exclusively and their experience adds great value. Contact Appsuite Today to get a quote on the future of your restaurant.

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