Top 3 Marketing Tips For Restaurant Groups

restaurant ownersMany successful restaurant owners whether it is a franchise or a privately owned business like to start or join restaurant groups in order to expand locally or nationally. Restaurant groups allow for a variety of restaurants to be managed under one umbrella company. These restaurants are usually a mixture of multi-location and multi-concept restaurants that ideally would complement each other in some way.

For example, many restaurant groups have tiered pricing where a customer enters the product chain at a low priced tier and over time their value increases at higher priced restaurants in the same group. This is a great way to grab customers as your own as early as possible and retain them throughout their customer lifetime value. Here are three marketing tips restaurant groups can utilize to extend their reach, increase engagement, and help their bottom line.

Having A Restaurant Group Web Presence

The food services industry has been on the front lines of internet business presence and internet marketing for a few years now. With websites like Urbanspoon and Yelp as well as the increase in web search through mobile devices, many consumers are going to the internet to find where they will dine next. This is why it is very important for any food service businesses or restaurant groups to have, at minimum, a website. The website has to have a certain amount of information in order for it to be relevant and valuable to potential customers.

When its a website for a restaurant group it should have all of the brands within the group represented on the homepage with easily findable links to the specific brand page. Once a customer gets to the restaurant page the site must have a menu section, location and hours information, pictures of popular items, reviews and an “about us” section laying out the philosophy of the business and its dishes. If relevant, a table reservation service should be implemented into the website but this is an optional feature.

Getting Press For A Restaurant Group

Besides having an internet presence there are more local and traditional forms of marketing that should be done in order to have a well rounded marketing strategy. Press is always a great thing for any business and it can be easier for restaurants to get press than most other businesses. There are many events that a restaurant can do that can get the attention of local newspapers and magazines as well as promote other restaurants in restaurant groups.

With any new restaurant an opening or launch party is almost a no brainer. It announces the restaurant’s arrival to the community and gives them the chance to sample dishes and visit the location itself. If you are part of a restaurant group you can also use this opportunity to cross promote your other restaurants, however you do not want to take away the spotlight from the restaurant that is opening.

Customer Loyalty Incentives and Mobile Apps

Customer loyalty can be achieved in a variety of ways today for a restaurant. As mentioned earlier the majority of restaurant customers, about 80%, use the internet to find their next dining location. So it’s very important that most, if not all customer loyalty strategies, implement the internet in some way. One of the best ways to do this is through a mobile app. Consumers are using mobile devices more than ever in order to search for businesses. A mobile app allows a restaurant owner to deliver their business directly to the consumer’s mobile device.

A restaurant owner can harness the power of a mobile app in a lot of ways, but not many individuals are trained in how to develop a mobile app. In this case an owner might need to hire a an app developer such as Appsuite to create the app. Appsuite specializes in creating mobile apps for restaurants and knows which features are essential and need to be included in the app feature list. The most important features are the same as those found on the website, but there are customer loyalty features that work best on a mobile app.

One of the most important features of a mobile app is the direct contact a restaurant can have with its customers. An owner can push notifications to the customer with important and valuable information such as daily specials, events, and loyalty program notifications. This allows the restaurant to reach out to customers even when customers may not be actively searching for this information.

The developers at Appsuite can provide all three of these great marketing tips for restaurants and restaurant groups. They are specialized in delivering all of these features and can bring any food service business into the spotlight.

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