Top 3 Marketing Ideas For Restaurant Businesses

marketing ideas for restaurant businessesYou’ve arrived on this page because you are looking for restaurant marketing ideas that will take your business to the next profit level and help your bottom line. In this blog post I’ll share three top marketing ideas for restaurant businesses that will help you achieve that goal.

As the internet has become more mobile due to the popularity of smartphones and tablets so has the way people search for businesses. The restaurant industry has been altered considerably because of this as well as applications like Yelp and Urbanspoon. Without a digital or mobile presence most potential customers either won’t find you or won’t find you interesting.

Yelp and Urbanspoon have solidified many of the necessary marketing ideas for restaurant businesses by creating certain expectations in consumers. When searching for a restaurant, consumers want to see at least four features in order to make your business relevant throughout the decision process:

  • Be Findable Online

  • Full Menu Available Online

  • Location and Contact Information

  • Customer Loyalty Program

Restaurant Marketing Online Presence

The first feature is paramount and without having an online presence or being findable online there is no way that the other three features would be deliverable to consumers. Developing a desktop website is probably the first thought to come up but it wouldn’t be the best use of marketing investment.

A mobile optimized site is a better use of resources because most potential customers are searching there for restaurants. Other marketing ideas for restaurant businesses are to develop a restaurant app that would achieve the same goal of having an online presence. A restaurant mobile app is also a simple, unified, and effective way to deliver the other three features as well.

Teaming up with an experienced app developer such as AppSuite makes the process much smoother and makes the best use of marketing dollars. Appsuite already specializes in developing restaurant apps for many food service businesses and they know what customers are seeking.

A mobile app is a great way to deliver all of this value in a relevant way. Providing a full menu online and location information is pretty straight forward, but implementing an effective customer loyalty program via a mobile app requires expertise. Implementing a customer loyalty for your business is a great way to retain customers by providing them value for their loyalty.

Some great benefits for the business include more information about the customers. When a customer signs up for the program they provide a great amount of information that could help market the business in the future. The business can gather information such as names, addresses, emails, and demographics. With this information the business has many options for creating touch points and delivering value.

Restaurant Marketing: Your Local Customers

Our second marketing idea for restaurant businesses is to do local events that include other businesses. This is a great way to do local marketing and achieve exposure in your immediate community. It also gives all attendees the opportunity to see and experience the restaurant as well as taste the food and everything else the restaurant has to offer.

These types of events also build up social equity with the community. Having an event where local businesses can check you out can make you a destination for employee lunches or company meetings. Having an app or a web presence as mentioned before can help your restaurant stay top of mind for locals by pushing lunch special notifications to customer phones.

Restaurant Marketing: Business Culture

The last of the marketing ideas for restaurant businesses is having a restaurant culture or personality. If you have a favorite restaurant you can probably describe the culture and personality of that restaurant. This element is very important for any business to have. It allows your restaurant to connect with customers on an emotional level.

Many times customers describe which restaurant they want to go to by the atmosphere. For example, a couple may want to go to a “fancy” restaurant or a group of friends may want to go to a “chill” restaurant. Both of these descriptions are based in the atmosphere and personality the restaurant provides. This also ties in with what Appsuite can do for your business via a mobile app. You can customize the appearance of your app to match your restaurant and provide a similar experience.

Marketing Ideas For Restaurant Businesses

These three marketing ideas for restaurant businesses are a great way to get started on your road to success. They’ll help your restaurant engage with customers where they are already looking for you through a mobile app and web presence. You won’t forget about the potential customers next door or in your neighborhood by doing a local event that exposes your restaurant. You will also be able to transcend the limits of a physical location by putting the personality and feel of your restaurant into a customized mobile app.

All of these tips can be implemented through one solution, a customized mobile app. Contact Appsuite today, they can provide all of these great marketing features that will catapult your restaurant business into success.


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