Top 3 Marketing Ideas For Restaurant Businesses

Marketing Ideas For Restaurant Businesses

With restaurants popping up on almost every street corner, it’s difficult to separate yourself from the herd. Your main tool to get your name heard among the restaurant chatter is innovative marketing. Marketing ideas for restaurant businesses are numerous, but only a select few actually provide tangible profits with customers walking in the door.

Marketing Ideas For Restaurant Businesses: Loyalty Programs

People love to belong to a group. As basic human nature, people want to socialize and feel like they belong. Customer loyalty programs provide them with a reason to return and benefit with discounted or free food. Marketing ideas for restaurant customer loyalty programs often revolve around buying 10 meals and receiving one free, for example. Customers must visit repeatedly, bringing in more cash flow than they would without the loyalty program. When they receive their free meal, they can continue earning points or credits for the next reward. You’ll find that this marketing tool still works well for almost any restaurant type, from casual to formal.

Marketing Ideas For Restaurant Businesses: Social Media Connectivity

Get connected with thousands of potential customers through social media. Start with one website, such as Facebook or Twitter, and familiarize yourself with its format. Use “likes” and “shares” to build your audience. The key to these marketing ideas for restaurant businesses is consistency. If you sign up for five different social media sites, but don’t participate several times a week, you’ll end up losing customers. Try working on one website to gain a loyal following with consistent question and answer periods. You can branch out further when you have a better grasp of the technology and benefits to your company.

Marketing Ideas For Restaurant Businesses: Live Music

Connect with the community by inviting bands and singers to entertain on Fridays or Saturdays. Entertainers want to bring their music to the masses, so they’ll advertise their appearance through flyers and word-of-mouth. You can also advertise the entertainment through your restaurant website. Instead of just harnessing hungry customers that night, you bring in the entertainer’s fans that may not have visited your business before. You have an opportunity to gain new customers as they feast on appetizers before the show. This top marketing strategy is relatively subtle, but offers a large return if the entertainment is locally popular.

Top marketing strategies for restaurant businesses continue to evolve, but some of the most basic ideals still rule. Community and great deals make people want to return.

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