Top 15 Loyalty Reward Apps For Restaurants

Customer Loyalty App

As restaurants seek new ways to compete for diners, customer loyalty mobile apps are emerging as the new battleground between major chains and smaller operators alike. The allure of these apps is clear: They allow customers to see the menu, make reservations or opt for call-head seating, and use a loyalty program that racks up points and offers discounts or bonuses for restaurant regulars. The best of these opportunities can be narrowed down to 15 applications.


1. Applebee’s Grill & Bar

The Applebee’s mobile customer loyalty program is actually an extension of its longstanding loyalty card and Applebee’s Perks program. Rather than offering their phone number to servers, customers who visit an Applebee’s location can open the application, choose the “loyalty” tab, and check-in to the restaurant as they would do on Foursquare or Facebook. This program is paired with a menu and store locator as well.


2. Eggsperience Pancakes & Cafe

The group is a restaurant group located in Chicagoland made up of 8 locations service  a variety of food offerings for breakfast and lunch. This is a great example of using integrated loyalty with the Micros 3700 platform combined with a mobile loyalty app solution for the entire restaurant group. One of the biggest benefits is being able to cross market the membership via one touch point.


3. Belly

The Belly app is a cross-platform, cross-restaurant platform that rewards customers for dining at their favorite local establishments. The application encourages customers to check-in if they dine at a participating restaurant that takes part in the Belly rewards program, and gives diners points and special discounts as a result.


4. Ruby Tuesday App

The Ruby Tuesday mobile customer loyalty program offers instant access to a GPS-based location finder and an official Ruby Tuesday menu. Notably, the app also shows happy hour and other meal specials, and allows users to share the app or their favorite Ruby Tuesday location with their friends via email, Facebook, and Twitter. In-app sweepstakes can potentially win free food or significant meal discounts on behalf of users as well.


5. The McD App

McDonalds is nothing if not innovative with the way it keeps customers coming back, and its mobile app for Android and iPhone is another part of that legacy. Beneath basic menu and location features is an innovative, GPS-based tracking system that allows users to check-in to their local restaurants with each visit. In addition to loyalty points, each check-in potentially comes with an “instant offer,” like a free cheeseburger or a free upgrade to a large drink.


6. Panera Bread

The Panera app taps into the company’s wildly successful, pre-existing loyalty program, and makes it mobile. Users can register and log into their existing loyalty accounts and pair them with the app. Then, they can actually order from the app and pick that order up in their local store. The points are added immediately, and rewards are displayed on-screen for instant redemption. A GPS store locator and a digital menu are also available.


7. Chipotle Ordering

A mobile menu and a store locator sit alongside a loyalty program in this app. Users register for their own account and redeem receipts or check-ins for points that lead to free burritos, sides, and future order discounts.


8. Primo Hoagies

The local Primo Hoagies restaurant chain in the Philadelphia area offers this app, which brings online ordering and instant deals to regular diners. The Primo Card also goes digital, with a “punch” recorded for each visit or check-in at a local Primo Hoagies location. After 8 visits, a free sandwich is in order.


9. Champps Americana

This sports-themed restaurant brings a mobile menu and store locator to users, as well as the ability to check-in to each of the company’s restaurants for instant daily deals or weekly specials exclusive to app users.


10. The Melting Pot

The Melting Pot’s app comes with the customary menu and locator, as well as an area for offers, but adds something unique: A fondue timer! It’s the perfect match for Melting Pot enthusiasts and fondue lovers.


11. Corner Bakery Cafe App

The Corner Bakery Cafe is a great choice for breakfast and lunch, and the company’s customer loyalty app allows for both location-finding and food-ordering remotely. The app also allows creation of a user account, used for tracking special deals or loyalty club points.


12. Texas Roadhouse App

Available for Android and iOS, the Texas Roadhouse app takes advantage of the restaurant chain’s surging popularity in new markets across the country. In addition to GPS-based restaurant location and the ability to peruse the restaurant’s menu, the application also allows customers to sign up for the eClub email group for rewards opportunities.


13. OpenTable

Not conventionally thought of as a customer loyalty app, this reservation system features restaurant menus and locations, reservations, and loyalty points of between 100 and 1,000 points per restaurant visit for participating businesses.


14. Chick-Fil-A Mobile Ordering

This app pairs the restaurant’s menu with instant mobile ordering. Customers check-in upon arrival to earn loyalty points as well as to pick their order up instantly. It’s a perfect mix of loyalty and convenience.


15. Moe’s Southwest Grill

The Moe’s app contains a menu, an account registration feature, a store locator, and mobile ordering capabilities. Customers can check-in for points and both pay for and pick their order up in minutes as a result.

Our highly skilled Appsuite development team can create and implement many of the features explained above into your own restaurant business. These features can be very important differentiators for your business and can lead to a great return on investment if you decide to develop a mobile restaurant loyalty app.

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