Restaurant Reward Program Ideas

Many restaurants sacrifice profits and do not increase loyalty or differentiate themselves from the competition by resorting to price coupons to drive traffic. Almost every pizza restaurant offers money-saving coupons. Pizza restaurants are not the only businesses that are guilty of those cash drawing promotions. Restaurants need to stop encouraging their customers to look for [&hellip

Surviving the Off-Season by focusing on COMMUNITY and STRENGTHS

Surviving the Off-Season by Focusing on COMMUNITY and STRENGTHS Many operators are familiar with their respective “high-season” and “low-season”. These seasons change based on region (geographically) and location (nationally). For example, Florida natives hit a point during the summer when it is so hot they can not leave their front door to get to their [&hellip

Reward customers to create loyal customers

Achieving customer loyalty has officially become the $64,000 question in the food and beverage industry. What if we told you that we could give you the $64,000 answer? All it takes is your customers, old and new, who come into your establishment with an Android or iPhone device and our mobile restaurant loyalty program. Restaurant [&hellip