Why You Need a Restaurant Reward Program

When restaurant owners look into developing a mobile app for restaurants, they want the technology to ‘Help grow my restaurant.’ Many restaurant owners turn to a customer loyalty app to retain and expand their customer base. They worry about the cost to keep the program running, the concern is whether the discount will increase sales. [&hellip

Top 3 Marketing Ideas For Restaurant Businesses

You’ve arrived on this page because you are looking for restaurant marketing ideas that will take your business to the next profit level and help your bottom line. In this blog post I’ll share three top marketing ideas for restaurant businesses that will help you achieve that goal. As the internet has become more mobile [&hellip

The App For Multi-Location Restaurants

  As a restaurant brand grows the growth presents a new set of challenges for a business owner. With this success most restaurants expand to multi-location restaurants to reach new customers and keep the growth going. While the management of each restaurant should stay constant across all locations the marketing strategy should be adjusted to [&hellip

The Best Strategies For A Multi-Concept Restaurant Group

If you are a successful business owner then you’ve probably used that success to open up a new business in order to reach more customers and expand your brand. As a new business expands and grows there will be new problems that present themselves. While it might make sense to independently manage the marketing strategy [&hellip

The Benefits of iPhone Apps for Restaurants

If there’s one thing Apple did right as a company, it was in creating the iPhone and iPad. The devices are so popular, they command at least one out three phone users and half of tablet users. And the consumers who don’t have them are predominantly choosing other devices because they can’t afford Apple products [&hellip

The Benefits of Android Apps for Restaurants

Android apps for restaurants are usually not the first thing a food service business owner thinks of in terms of marketing, even when discussing an Internet online presence to draw in more customers and interested parties. However, the simple fact is, smart devices are becoming the yellow pages that people are using to find a [&hellip

Why You Should Create a Custom Restaurant App

If you ask a marketing specialist how to help grow your restaurant, they might recommend creating a custom restaurant app. To build a restaurant app is to target consumer growth at the source of demand. Mobile apps establish a direct relationship with customers. To design-in mobile app capabilities as part of a restaurant’s customer loyalty [&hellip

Customer Loyalty Programs for Restaurants

Customer loyalty is a large part of running any business and restaurants are not excluded from this. Having some sort of customer loyalty program is a great idea to draw customers in and keep your customer base functioning and returning time after time. Using a program is how restaurants build loyalty. Most loyalty programs involve the [&hellip

Evaluating your Existing Loyalty Program

Evaluating your existing Loyalty Program: PART I What is the effectiveness of your current Loyalty Program? As a restauranteur, it is important to have access to existing information regarding your existing loyalty program strategy to ensure key elements are being met or exceeded. The ROI of your loyalty program, how you optimize it’s effectiveness, and [&hellip