Why Mobile Customer Loyalty Programs Work

More than 50 percent of the population has a mobile phone. When you look at mobile customer loyalty programs, they work because virtually everyone has a mobile phone. This allows you to communicate with everyone effectively, and allows them to interact with your brand in a way that they understand. Too many restaurants make it [&hellip

What Are The Easiest Restaurant Marketing Strategies?

Running a restaurant business is a daily grind, although it’s rewarding in the end. You must make time to implement restaurant marketing strategies that attract new customers as well as retain the ones you already have. If you are short on time, there are several simple ways to market your brand without high cost or [&hellip

Top 3 Marketing Ideas For Restaurant Businesses

With restaurants popping up on almost every street corner, it’s difficult to separate yourself from the herd. Your main tool to get your name heard among the restaurant chatter is innovative marketing. Marketing ideas for restaurant businesses are numerous, but only a select few actually provide tangible profits with customers walking in the door. Marketing [&hellip

The App For Multi-Location Restaurants

  As a restaurant brand grows the growth presents a new set of challenges for a business owner. With this success most restaurants expand to multi-location restaurants to reach new customers and keep the growth going. While the management of each restaurant should stay constant across all locations the marketing strategy should be adjusted to [&hellip

The Best Strategies For A Multi-Concept Restaurant Group

If you are a successful business owner then you’ve probably used that success to open up a new business in order to reach more customers and expand your brand. As a new business expands and grows there will be new problems that present themselves. While it might make sense to independently manage the marketing strategy [&hellip

Do Apps for Restaurants Help the Bottom Line?

The way consumers search for local businesses has changed dramatically. Not too long ago many people would use the yellow pages and today consumers ask their smartphones for suggestions. Having an online presence is paramount to being found online and apps for restaurants are a great way to do it. However, is it cost effective [&hellip

I Want To Promote My Restaurant Specials But Don’t Know How

Many restaurant owners ask themselves, how can I promote my restaurant specials? Restaurants rise and fall by their customers and customers come and go according to how good the food and service is. Restaurant owners are always trying to find ways to capture and retain customers and one tactic is promoting restaurant specials. There are [&hellip

I Want to Design a Restaurant Mobile App for my Business

Since the app store opened in 2008 over a million apps have been approved by Apple and released to millions of potential customers. Knowing these numbers alone is enough to convince any restaurant owner to design a restaurant mobile app. The good news is that anyone can design an iPhone app; it’s just a matter [&hellip