What Are The Simplest Restaurant Marketing Strategies?

Restaurant Marketing Strategies

There are many different kinds of restaurant marketing strategies that businesses in the food service industry can implement. These strategies can include a variety of things, including Customer Experience Management, POS Systems, and Operational Efficiency.

These strategies are all meant to increase control and enhance operational efficiency. While these strategies are advanced and provide sophisticated value to consumers they are not logical restaurant marketing strategies for all food service businesses. They are costly to implement and small businesses wouldn’t see the advantages.

Restaurant Marketing Strategies: Best Practices

There are some general best practices to complete in order to be a competing and modern restaurant business. These basic marketing tools are not costly or difficult to implement, but will take some investment of time. These tools include, but are not limited to:

  • Online Presence

  • Location Information

  • Digital Menu

  • Customer Loyalty Program

  • User Reviews

  • Photo Gallery

Restaurant Marketing Strategies: Mobile Devices

First and foremost any business today must have a presence online, particularly a mobile optimized presence. This is especially true for businesses in the restaurant industry. Many studies have shown that the overwhelming majority of internet users in the US are using their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to access the internet. Another interesting statistic is that almost all smartphone and tablet users don’t put down their mobile devices until they go to sleep. This makes mobile devices one of the best touch points to engage customers with.

Restaurant Marketing Strategies: Mobile Web Features

So now that you have invested in creating an online presence what type of information should you present to the customer? What are customers looking for that will differentiate you from the competition? There have been studies on what customers expect to see once they find your business online. The most important of these is a digital menu that shows all of your available items, the menu must also include pricing information for each plate. Not having pricing information can deter potential customers. They begin to assume that prices are too high to be displayed or customers find a competitor that displays prices and they go there.

Location and contact information is also an important feature to make available online. You want to empower your customers and potential customers to contact you if they ever have a need or a question. The idea here is to give the customer the path of least resistance to make contact with your business. Ideally you would have a section on your site that displays a Google Map of your location as well as the address and a contact phone number and email.

Restaurant Marketing Strategies: Customer Loyalty Features

One of the biggest draws for customers looking for restaurants online are customer loyalty programs. It is almost to be expected, especially if you are a more casual or smaller restaurant. Customers like to be rewarded for their hospitality, whether its through discounts, deals, or recognition from the business.

Mobile devices make this a much easier process for customers. Rather than having to carry business cards they must get stamped, they can record their purchases on their devices. Some other online features that increase engagement with customers are user reviews or a photo gallery. While these aren’t traditional customer loyalty programs they can help with retention.

Implementing Restaurant Marketing Strategies

You may be asking what is so simple about all of these different strategies? Amazingly, all of these strategies can be implemented in one mobile app. A mobile application is like a dedicated website but it can reach your customers directly on their phones and even push notifications to them when they are not looking for you.

Appsuite is an experienced mobile app developer that specializes in custom apps for many different types of restaurant businesses. They are able to implement all of the strategies mentioned above into an attractive app that fully represents your business. Contact Appsuite today if you want to put your restaurant online where your customers are and offer them all of these great features that will engage them and keep them coming back.

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