Searching for the Best Restaurant Loyalty Program?

A restaurant loyalty program provides you with exceptional financial returns by motivating all of your patrons to visit your establishment more frequently and spend more money each time they visit.  One loyalty program isn’t going to work for all of the different types of restaurant services and brands.

Since there are a number of different restaurant loyalty program options available, you want to evaluate a few different factors before making the final selection on which concept is going to work for you.

  • Which program is going to engage and compel all of those who visit your establishment?
  • What type of restaurant loyalty program is going to align with your brand and concept type?
  • What program is your staff going to be able to execute effectively?
  • Which program is going to help you achieve your restaurant’s goals financially?

Where to Start with a Restaurant Loyalty Program

restaurant loyalty program

By answering these questions, you will be able to create a customer loyalty program that is going to work the best for your restaurant.  Defining the basic elements of the loyalty program, performing an assessment of the most popular programs available and providing criteria and a scorecard to weigh the compatibility of all the options is where you need to start.

Once you have the scorecard completed, you can begin determining which program is going to accommodate your unique concept.

A restaurant loyalty program provides you with a means of engaging your guests and encouraging their spending at all of your establishments.  Three elements complete the loyalty program: the core program, layered program and promotions.

Three Elements of Loyalty Programs

A core program is representative of the heart of your program. The features are what will attract guests to participate in the program and end up visiting your restaurants. A successful core program is going to line up with your brand.

They focus on the character of your restaurant in a manner that is appealing to all of your guests and provides them with the motivation they need to visit your establishment more and spend all of their dining money with your business.

Cores are the underlying foundation of the loyalty program. They define the rewards and the manner in which they are earned, expired and redeemed.

Along with an established core, layered programs provide your loyalty program with flair and depth that strengthen the connection your guests have with your restaurant and drives an increase in activity. For example, adding in an affinity program where you are willing to donate part of the sales to a special charity is a type of layered program.

Promotions let you influence the buying behaviors of your guests. One of the most fun and creative elements to have a loyalty program is being able to engage your guests and encourage prompt visits.

A targeted promotion works to generate traffic when you are experiencing a slower traffic pattern or during a specific part of the day.  You can encourage people to try new items on the menu and keep your restaurant at the forefront of all those who are looking for somewhere amazing to eat.

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