Solution Overview

Take a look at our solution and find how we can help you accelerate your growth with the power of our Cloud CRM program.

POS Plug-ins

Connects Micros, Maitre'D, and Aireus POS products to AppSuite's CRM program

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Loyalty Manager

Real-time reward administration at your fingertips.

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Branded Mobile App

Supports restaurants of all types and sizes with loyalty, rewards, gift cards, ordering, and more!

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Customer Care Portal

A very simple and easy to use interface, provides complete customization and a cloud infrastructure

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Mobile Ordering

The Take-out and Delivery system allows customer to order food directly from the app

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Web Plug-In

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The industry’s only Complete Solution for Customer Relationship Management!

AppSuite Complete Solution

Are You New to CRM “Customer Relationship Management”?

Having a CRM “Customer Relationship Management” strategy can make or break your ability to grow your restaurant or even survive.  Understanding customers preferences, buying habits, and their experience when visiting (surveys) is critical information you need to provide targeted services, offers, rewards, and benefits designed to improve customer satisfaction, retention, and ultimately the money they spend at your establishment!

Once you’ve decided to embrace a CRM strategy the first and most important step is to rapidly grow your membership.  AppSuite has made this extremely simple.  We not only offer every technical method imaginable to bring members into your system as illustrated below but we also provide you valuable business consulting that help you to implement your CRM program with our “best practices” on how to setup and run your program so you can quickly make your CRM program effective!

By implementing AppSuite’s CRM program you will immediately take control of your future and embark upon a sustainable growth strategy that looks at the full lifecycle of a customer relationship and builds your customer base from the bottom up.  An average restaurant will lose between 20%-30% of their entire customer base annually to competition “churn”.  It is 7x more expensive to recruit a new customer versus retaining and growing an existing relationship.  This customer “churn” will erode your ability to grow your restaurant and will keep you from reaching the profits you need to be successful.  AppSuite’s CRM program will immediately improve your customer retention and increases customer visits and keeps them coming back for more!

Learn more about how Appsuite’s POS Micros, Maitre’D, and Aireus Integrated Cloud CRM solution  can help make supercharge customer loyalty and your revenues!

Give us a call today and we’ll help you bring those customers back ASAP.