AppSuite’s integration with Oracle Hospitality Micros POS connects AppSuite’s cloud services such as loyalty, rewards, gift card, surveys, multichannel marketing, branded mobile apps, and delivery order management directly to the touch screen and check functions of Oracle Hospitality Micros POS. The integration uses Oracle’s approved methods to connect AppSuite’s REST API’s to the Oracle Hospitality POS environment. AppSuite’s cloud services are accessed at the guest check level but can be assigned anywhere within the touchscreen environment. The integration also supports the use of compatible scanners and mag readers as needed for loyalty, gift, and app functions.

Micros Integrated Ordering

Ordering for Takeout & Delivery Services

  • Mobile app or Web ordering direct to kitchen

  • Ecommerce enabled for credit card processing

  • Menu synchronization with POS

  • Loyalty & Rewards integrated

  • Requires Transaction Services License from Micros/Oracle

Technical Design of our Micros Plug-In

For the Micros RES3700 or Simphony 1st edition plug-in uses a native SIM “System Information Module” connection to the Micros POS platform.  This approach provides for both a secure and reliable connection to your Micros POS.

Oracle Validation Datasheet

For Simphony 2nd edition AppSuite uses the Extensibility method that installs through the Simphony EMC and is natively integrated via the use of a secure DLL installed on each workstation.  No special licensing is required from Oracle for AppSuite’s Simphony 2nd edition plug-in.

Oracle Validation Datasheet


Supported features of our Oracle Validated Micros POS plug-in

Integration Details

AppSuite uses REST web services to provide interoperability between its cloud infrastructure and Oracle Hospitality workstations. REST-compliant web services allow Oracle Hospitality users to access AppSuite’s Cloud CRM web resources using a uniform and predefined set of stateless operations.  AppSuite’s REST architecture provides real-time communication, security via SSL encryption, and scalability via a distributed web architecture. The features and use cases supported by the integration include:

  • Guest account functions
    • Create a new guest account with name, email, phone, address, and birthday.
    • Link one or more loyalty cards or gift cards to a guest account.
    • Add, view, or edit guest account notes.
    • Print guest information such as profile, offers, rewards, and status.
  • Guest lookup
    • Manual search by name, email, phone, or guest ID.
    • Mag swipe by loyalty card or linked gift card. (Requires compatible mag reader).
    • Bar code scan of a mobile app. (Requires compatible image scanner).
  • Gift cards
    • Add, activate, load, deduct, or check a balance with a gift card.
    • Authorize or redeem a gift card for use with tipping.
  • Offers, rewards, and linked gift card
    • When a guest is added to a check, a list of available offers, rewards, and linked gift cards are presented. Offers are validated enforcing any restrictions that may be configured in the AppSuite CRM system
    • Restriction enforced for offers and rewards include minimum purchase checked against sub-total and maximum offer value. Restrictions also enforced by itemizer or family group settings.
  • Logged visit
    • Closing a guest check sends the check details to AppSuite for loyalty functions.
  • Delivery management
    • Add or edit new or existing delivery addresses with or without address validation.
    • Add comments, instructions, address, drivers, and comments to an order.

Micros Supported POS Platforms

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Micros POS Training Videos


Micros plug-in implementation requirements

AppSuite Micros SIM installation Terms & Conditions

This is a per-Site Installation.   A “Site” is defined as a physical location that has a Micros POS installation.  Each Site may differ from the next and thus the following terms and conditions apply individually to each site AppSuite has contract to provide our AppSuite Micros SIM integration for.

All installation services will be done remotely, during normal business hours. After hours installation will require additional charges.

Installation of the AppSuite Micros SIM integration includes the following:

  • Installation of the AppSuite Micros Integration software
  • Configuration of the Micros database (up to 2 revenue centers for 9700). This will include:
    • Adding needed items to Tracking Groups,
    • Creating An AppSuite touchscreen with AppSuite keys and adding a key to the Payment or Function screen that will change to the AppSuite screen.
    • Adding AppSuite discounts
    • Adding the AppSuite Interface definition


  • If there is no room available in the Tracking groups, or if Crystal Report modifications are needed, then the site may need to contract with AppSuite or your Micros representative to make the changes as needed.
  • Installation does not include modifications to Crystal Report templates.
  • Installation at a 9700 site will include configuration in 2 revenue centers. Configuration of additional revenue centers will require additional charges.
  • Walk through of how to use the Application with a representative of the site.
  • A reliable high-speed internet connection is required. The connection must be available using Logmein, ShowMyPC, or another suitable tool that allows full remote control and file transfers to the Micros Server, and does not require the installer to purchase software. If firewall issues, or other restrictive tools, interfere with remote access, then additional charges may be required.
  • The Windows Administrator user and password must be provided.
  • The Micros Configurator (EMC on 9700 and Simphony) must be provided.
  • Software is distributed to the workstations using Micros CAL. If CAL is not properly configured, or if one or more workstations do not correctly update the AppSuite ISL files, then the client may need to contract AppSuite or Micros to correct the issue.
  • Firewalls, Anti-virus, Anti-spyware, and other similar software may interfere with this interface. Dealing with such problems may require additional charges, and may require that the Client disable such software or contract a suitable expert to solve the issue.
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