The AppSuite Maitre’D POS plug-in allows for seamless integration between your Maitre’D point of sale workstation and your AppSuite CRM “Customer Relationship Management” program.  AppSuite’s Maitre’d CRM and Ordering Plug-in with support for Loyalty, Rewards, and Gift Cards allows you to:

– Quickly sign up guests

– Automatically apply 1-1 targeted offers or rewards

– Manage your entire gift card program.

– Provide integrated ordering from web or mobile app direct to kitchen (coming soon!)

Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 10.35.00 AM

Gift Card - e-Wallet

Maitre'D Gift Card Redemption

Digital Wallet small


Maitre'D Gift Card Redemption - 2

Maitre'D Other Gift Card functions


Logged purchases

Log customer visits easily!

Maitre'D POS - Logged Purchase

Maitre'D POS - Logged Purchase - 2


Rewards and Offer management

Manage discounts and reward redemptions seamlessly!

Maitre'D POS - Offers and Rewards


Grouped Ordering Flow

Ordering for Takeout & Delivery Services

  • Mobile app or Web ordering direct to kitchen

  • Ecommerce enabled for credit card processing

  • Menu synchronization with POS

  • Loyalty & Rewards integratedMaitre'D POS ordering integration solution diagram


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