Why You Need a Restaurant Reward Program

Restaurant Reward Program

When restaurant owners look into developing a mobile app for restaurants, they want the technology to ‘Help grow my restaurant.’ Many restaurant owners turn to a customer loyalty app to retain and expand their customer base. They worry about the cost to keep the program running, the concern is whether the discount will increase sales.

Program participation has risen, especially since mobile and online access has become available. Stamp or punch cards were used by many restaurants before restaurant reward programs became digital. Mobile punch cards are great incentives for customer participation in a rewards program. With digital reward programs, restaurants have the ability to send reminders and updates geared towards the loyalty network. Here are five benefits:

A Restaurant Reward Program Gives a Better Investment Return

Mobile loyalty programs are fairly low cost and low maintenance. The messages sent to customers are more relevant and pointed. Things like coupons are more likely to be taken advantage of by customers. Both the investment and the audience are smaller than online or television campaigns.

The benefit is the audience is willing and ready to receive messages. People choose to be part of a loyalty program. They want to receive coupons and updates. Those customers will use what is sent.

A Restaurant Reward Program Will Increase Sales

Using mobile programs, restaurants can remind customers about specials and their great menu. Seeing a restaurant’s name around dinner time can inspire consumers to choose the advertised restaurant. That is the reason for the increase of commercials that are food-related appearing later in the day.

The same strategy can be used with loyalty programs. Promotional information and coupons should be sent late in the afternoon. Those receiving the message are likely to make an influenced choice if eating out is on the agenda. Well-timed reminders serve as a perfect strategy to increase business.

Repeat Diners are Brought Back with a Restaurant Reward Program

Occasional patrons can be turned into frequent diners with a loyalty program. Getting a coupon on the phone pushes thoughts of other restaurants from the mind of the recipient. Americans are value seekers. Making returning to your restaurant valuable to the customer will probably mean he or she will do so.

Perception of great value creates an incentive to choose one restaurant over another. Most businesses need repeat customers to survive. That can be achieved through loyalty reward programs.

Happier Diners Are Created with Loyalty Programs

When consumers participate in mobile loyalty programs they perceive they are getting something in return. They have access to promotions, news, information and coupons that others never see. Customers feel they benefit, but the real benefactor becomes the restaurant with its increased sales. Feeling like an exclusive club member causes customers to choose establishments where they are considered special.

A restaurant mobile app and rewards program solves a past marketing campaign problem. Today, messaging is personally relevant to each customer. Personal relevance transforms planted ideas into action. A more personal connection turns new customers into repeat business. QR scanning and opt-in messaging encourages a relationship between business and customer.

The customer also gets to choose when and what information will be viewed. A loyalty app or QR scan lets customers decide when to interact, that control promotes interaction. The more interaction, the more likely money will be spent.

Social Media Interaction Should be Used Correctly

In this age of technology, social media presence is a necessity. Many restaurant efforts to use social media are ineffective because owners have not differentiated between blatant advertising spam and effective marketing. Most people receive social media notifications via mobile devices.

Access to these accounts through the restaurant reward program is beneficial and chances are increased that the message sent will be viewed and acted upon. Make sure not to blast followers with spam advertisement and only offer discounts and interaction that engage the consumer.

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