Multi-Channel Marketing

It’s never too early to begin marketing to your members even if you’ve just begun your loyalty program. Your AppSuite loyalty solution gives you the power to communicate on a 1-1 basis with your members, so there is no need to wait until your membership is at satisfactory levels to begin a marketing & communications program.

Below are some simple & effective programs that you can use.

Automated Campaigns

Drip campaigns are triggered by specific actions made by your members or events that occur, i.e. Member signed up, Birthday, spent money, etc.

New Member Signup

A popular campaign that is widely used is the New Member drip campaign. When an individual member joins your loyalty program a series of campaigns can be triggered to send to that individual via numerous media channels. These campaigns are setup once and can run indefinitely or to a set time frame. See the example below.

  • Drip #1: Member joins, send an offer for $5 Off their next visit thanking them for joining the program.
    • Delivery Date: Send one (1) day after joining
    • Delivery Method: Send email | Send offer to the loyalty app
    • Offer Duration: 30-days
  • Drip #2: Send details about your Sunday brunch hours and specials. Example: Join us for Sunday brunch members enjoy all you can drink mimosa’s for $12.99 
    • Delivery Date: Send seven (7) days after joining
    • Delivery Method: Send push notification | Send email
  • You may want to motivate your members to dine at different seating times to drive higher ticket prices. Targeting your lunch crowd to come for dinner, Drip 3 could look something like this.
  • Drip #3: We have a great dinner menu with Chef specialties, visit us this week and enjoy a glass of our house wine on us.
    • Delivery Date: Send twenty eight (28) days after joining,
    • Delivery Method: Send email | Send offer to the loyalty app
    • Offer Duration: Seven (7) days.


Any campaign can drive behavior with calls to action, like an expiration date or by targeting the campaign to a specific seating time.  Or both.

This powerful tool makes your marketing and promotions effortless and ALWAYS keeps you in contact with your members on an individual basis.  If you need assistance with setting up or adjusting your campaigns, reach out to us at and we will be happy to assist.

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