The Take-out and Delivery system allows customer to order food directly from the mobile app. The app will be configured with the restaurants entire menu, sides, drinks, extras / add-ons, etc.. The customer will simply click on the menu items, choose delivery or take-out and cash or credit, then submit the order. The restaurant receives the order, prepares the meal and sends the meal to the customer via delivery, or the customer picks up the order if take-out was chosen.

Ordering App Features

Mobile Ordering is a feature of both the Loyalty App and the Multi-Unit/Concept App and can be turned on or off depending on your needs. The below information highlights the features and functions of mobile ordering.

Mobile Take-Out & Delivery System

Increase revenue and create efficiency within your business by offering mobile ordering.

  • Increase Revenue: Additional food & beverage ordering for take-out and delivery will drive incremental revenue.
  • Staff Efficiency: Mobile ordering will reduce the amount of time your staff is on the phone taking orders. Staff can focus more time and attention to other business needs.
  • Customer Convenience:  Customer will have a new and more convenient way to order food. Convenience and ease of use may create incremental orders and revenue.

Market your business directly into your customers’ pocket…increase revenue.

Step 1:
Customer Selects Menu Items


Step 2:
Payment Info, Delivery/Pick-up


Step 3:
Order Summary/Confirmation


Step 4:
Restaurant In Notified


  • Customer Chooses menu items
  • All menu add-ons, sides, dressings, extras will be included in the selection process
  • Special instructions area
  • Customer chooses pick-up or delivery
  • Delivery address
  • Customer chooses payment option – credit card or cash
  • Review and submit order
  • Customer receives confirmation alert
  • Customer also receives confirmation email
  • Safe, Secure Fast, Convenient
  •  Restaurant receives order via email, fax, or printer
  • Increased orders
  • Increased Revenue!

Integrated Loyalty

Having an ordering app is a powerful and important tool on it’s own but when you combine that with AppSuite’s world class loyalty system it creates a combination that your customers will love!

Targeted Campaigns

Use the powerful campaign tool to create campaigns based on customer’s previous orders, spending habits, location and much more!



Allow your customers to add the offers and rewards they have available into their cart , this feature will automatically use the offer and mark it as redeemed so it can’t be used again.


Automated Loyalty

Once your customer places an order through the app they will earn reward points based on the total of the transaction (minus the amount of the offer/reward if applicable).


Multi-Channel Notifications

Missing an order is not tolerable in any restaurant that is why we have developed multiple ways for you to be notified or orders that have been placed through your app:


Receive an email to as many emails accounts as you would like for every order that comes through the system, this is a great way to remotely and quickly view the recent activity.

Email Order receipt

Text Messages

Are you ever away from your cell phone? Now AppSuite will send you a text when new orders are processed that includes a link directly to the order details.

Order Text Wireframe

Loyalty Manager-Orders Tab

See a list of all the recent orders and their details through the orders tab of the Loyalty Manager. From here you can update the customer via email, text, and/or push message on the status of their order.

Orders tab wireframe

Consumer Friendly

It Remembers:

Past Orders

Most of us are creatures of habit, if your customers are too they will be able to re-order any previous order with the click of a button!

Store your Credit Cards

No need to re-enter your credit card every time you place an order, the app allows you to securely store that credit card to be reused later.

Previous Locations

If you have placed a delivery order the app will store that location on your profile so it can be used again in the future.

previous locations wireframe

Order Validation

Qualified User

Never have a false order placed again! Since every user needs to register and activate their account you will know who each customer is and have the ability to contact them if need be.

profile data wireframes

Delivery Zones

Have very specific requirements on where you deliver? AppSuite allows you to draw the exact area(s) where you do and do not deliver to, per location so you can ensure a speedy delivery.


Delivery Zones Module

Hour of Operation

Easily customize your Restaurant’s hours of operation and decide when you will accept orders or not. The app will not allow any orders to be submitted if it is now within those hours.


Hour Op Module

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