Mobile Marketing for Restaurants: Best Strategies

Mobile Marketing for RestaurantsMobile marketing for restaurants can feel overwhelming for the novice. The variety of apps, social media sites, and websites geared towards increasing the sales and visibility of restaurants is staggering. Picking profitable strategies that don’t break the bank can be a challenge. These mobile marketing strategies will help you grow your business by maximizing sales and improving customer loyalty.

Mobile Marketing for Restaurants: Create a Mobile Site

While most businesses have a website, few take the time to create a mobile site. This may seem like a small difference but mobile sites generate more page views and are more helpful to the customer. A mobile site is a stripped down version of an Internet site. Devoid of ads, captchas, and popups, a mobile site presents the basic information in an easy-to-view format for the small screens of a smartphone. These sites are valuable for the consumer who can access them easily and provides a professional look to any business.

Gamify Your Restaurant

Gamification is a trend that’s been taking over everything from food trucks to online college programs. Creating a game-based point system to give customers rewards and bonuses for completing tasks increases sales and encourages customer interaction. Increasing levels and getting closer to big bonuses provides customers excitement and restaurants big returns in the form of referrals and repeat business.

Mobile marketing for restaurants should include a game-based app. It’s easy to design a custom restaurant app that interfaces with social marketing sites, providing customer points for sharing restaurant status changes with their social circle. Upgrading customers from occasional diners to regulars through points accumulation is a fun way to stimulate business while providing entertainment for customers.

Enroll for Mobile Promotions

Customers who provide their cell phone numbers give businesses a great opportunity to increase customer loyalty and provide customers with great discounts. Mobile promotions simply text discounts and deals to the customer base. According to Nielsen, 97 percent of these texts are opened and read, making text promotions more visible than mail flyers and advertisements.

Enrolling customers in text promotions is as easy as providing a QR code for customers to scan. No strong arming necessary. In fact, most will appreciate the deals they receive. Customers get great discounts and your business benefits from the extra business. Win-win.

Mobile Marketing for Restaurants

Design a Restaurant Mobile App

Mobile apps on Smartphones are taking over marketing and with good reason. 56% of consumers regularly use a smartphone. Mobile apps create a one-stop shop for customers who already love your business to accrue loyalty points, order carryout, and see specials. Unlike a website, they can be customized to the consumer.

Have you been asking, “Can you help grow my business?”

Yes, a restaurant mobile app can do that. Not only do mobile apps result in higher cost restaurant orders but they provide consumers with much needed information when making dining choices. Marketing with customer loyalty in mind and creating an easy-to-use reward program is a great way to keep customers coming back to the app for more information, persuading them to eat with you more often.

Mobile marketing for restaurants can seem imposing but there are resources available to help businesses of all sizes dominate the mobile marketing world. A simple mobile website coupled with a great app can quickly transform a business. Assess your business needs and upgrade your mobile marketing efforts for added business.

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