Why Mobile Customer Loyalty Programs Work

Mobile Customer Loyalty Programs

More than 50 percent of the population has a mobile phone. When you look at mobile customer loyalty programs, they work because virtually everyone has a mobile phone. This allows you to communicate with everyone effectively, and allows them to interact with your brand in a way that they understand.

Too many restaurants make it hard for customers to be a part of the loyalty program. When you are yelling out “Help grow my restaurant!,” it’s important that you are realistic about the program. Tactics that you have used in the past probably aren’t working for you now, which is why you are even considering a switch to a new loyalty program – and want to know why mobile programs are the way to go.


Mobile Customer Loyalty Programs: They Work

Mobile customer loyalty programs are in place because they work. People have their mobile phone with them, therefore they have the ability to get rewarded when they come into your restaurant. If you have used a business card that gets hole-punched in the past, customers get frustrated. This is because they lose the card and then have to start all over again. No one is going to lose their mobile phone and therefore they are able to get the rewards that are due to them.

Any type of restaurant can benefit, including:

  • Deli/Cafe
  • Pizzeria
  • Fast Food
  • Fast Casual
  • Formal Dining


Mobile Customer Loyalty Programs: They Manage Themselves

Another reason that mobile customer loyalty programs work is that they manage themselves. You can build a restaurant app that will do all of the work for you. This includes tracking the way that people earn points and even generating the rewards automatically so that you can take a hands-off approach. This is going to be better for you so that you can spend more of your time managing other areas of the restaurant.

Marketing with customer loyalty shouldn’t be a time consuming task. You should simply be able to have it in place so that new customers can join and current customers can accumulate points to get themselves closer to the rewards that you have in place. When automation is in the mix, you are able to reach a higher level of success within the loyalty program and customers will want to go to your restaurant with greater frequency because they are able to see the rewards as well. Giving loyalty program members the ability to see their progress and when they can achieve their next reward motivates customers to visit your restaurant more frequently in order to achieve that reward goal, this is called gamification.

A restaurant smartphone app is something that everyone can download. This allows them to see how many rewards they have at any given time. It also allows them to receive communications from you so they know what’s going on inside the restaurant.

Mobile customer loyalty programs work because they are designed with modern technology. They work in all types of restaurants because they work with the people who are going into them – tech savvy individuals with mobile phones. The programs also work because they don’t require a lot of work from you. There are automated functions that do the work for you so that there is no need to be bogged down with all of the details.

Your customers deserve to be rewarded and when you want to make sure that people choose your restaurant over the other restaurants in town, you have to give them a reason to choose you. Some of the most successful businesses in town have reward programs, which shows that they do work in providing potential customers an incentive. You need to get a program in place so that you can begin rewarding your customers for being loyal.

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