4 for the 4th: Marketing Tips to Get More Business this Holiday

Marketing Tips for Your Restaurant

Marketing Tips

Many operators have a choice to make when it comes to National holidays: Stay open and try to capitalize on extra business, or close the doors and celebrate with friends and family. Staying open for the 4th of July has pros and cons depending on your location, but nothing is more American than good food and a cold beer!

AppSuite provides operators the opportunity to reach out at times like these and get people through the doors! See what a custom mobile app can do for your business and what it has done for restaurant owners like you. With less than a week to go, here are some additional marketing tips from Tampa based marketing company Exakt Marketing:

1. Catering – If your restaurant has the capacity for catering, the Fourth of July is a great holiday to attempt to push that business. Take the load off for the host and suggest cooking for them! If you offer American staples like burgers, wings and BBQ you’re at an even bigger advantage. Put together a quick flyer that can be distributed in the restaurant as well as incorporated into your restaurant marketing strategy (social media, email blasts, etc).

2. Delivery – Do you deliver or work with delivery services such as Doorstep Delivery or Take Home Delivery? If so, try flyering a few local apartments (if they allow it) a day or two before the Fourth with your delivery menu. This tactic targets those “last minute” planners who won’t realize they don’t feel like cooking until the day of…

3. Social Media Special – Use social media to announce an exclusive special only available to those who see it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any platform that you and your restaurant marketing company see fit. Make it fun and require customers to use a “secret phrase” to redeem the free item. Don’t giveaway the bank though – pick a menu item that is low-cost and easy to prepare. This not only brings in some extra business but it also allows you to measure how much of an impact your announcement on social media has on your sales for the day.

4. Involve the Staff – The staff might not be too happy knowing that they have to work on the Fourth of July but try to get them involved and excited! Allow the staff to dress out of uniform and wear anything American themed (that’s appropriate, of course). You can also get staff excited by executing a friendly staff competition. Have the staff create a Fourth of July themed drink (or use a current menu item or special) and the staff member that sells the most of that item that night gets a small cash bonus (or a desirable prize).

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