Real-time reward administration at your fingertips.  Unlike traditional loyalty and reward systems, AppSuite’s Loyalty Manager provides real-time member information with each transaction.  From available points, rewards available for redemption to adding new cards.   Handheld or table-stand devices allow for efficient fingertip management and administration for your staff.

Reward Transactions

  • Logging Purchases:  Log purchases on your customer’s accounts by swiping their credit card through the POS and AppSuite will automatically assign that transaction to their account.
  • Offer/Reward Redemption:  Redeeming offers has never been simpler. Find the user and select which offer to redeem, then your customer is notified via text and email of these changes.
  • Point Transfer : Transfer points from one member to another.  Select recipient, select sender.  Cannot transfer points unless the sender has sufficient points available.
  • Automated Notifications : Automated email/text notification on purchase transactions, transferred points, redeemed offers/rewards, etc.  Email summary includes customer name, points earned & available points, venue name and server name.  Save time, save costs, improve efficiency.

Linking Cards to Users

Not every user likes to have their loyalty program through a smartphone, the good news is that AppSuite has a solution. Now you can associate Loyalty Cards to customer’s profiles. There is no limit as to how many cards can be associated to a single user which allows families to earn points on the same account. AppSuite also allows you to reference a customer’s account with:

Loyalty Cards

Credit Cards

Gift Cards

QR Codes


  • Add/Remove Users:  Adding users can be done in the matter of seconds through the Loyalty Manager. Once the user is in the system they will receive a text/email with a download link to your app and their username/password to login.
  • Customer Lookup:  Complete member list lookup. Scan or swipe a credit card, loyalty card, gift card, QR code, search for them by name, phone number, email or card number, and coming soon see your nearby users with our Bluetooth Low Energy technology.
  • Redemption codes :  Redemption codes can be one-to-many and become a challenge for staff to remember codes.  Redemption codes can be easily changed on-demand on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Administration Codes: Unique server codes for each server/manager that is required to perform any action. Includes a ccomplete history of users actions within the Loyalty Manager that you can see at any time.  Tracking user actions such as purchase history, redemptions, claimed rewards, member lookup, gift card transactions, etc.

Gift Cards

Adding Gift Cards Add new gift cards in 2 quick steps. First enter in the amount to put on the card number, amount, and currency then choose how they will pay (Cash or Credit)

Deducting Money Removing money from a card is done by finding the account, choosing how much to deduct, and authorizing the transaction.

Re-Filling Cards Similar to Deducting, re-filling cards is done by finding the user, selecting how much to add, and selecting a payment type (Cash or Credit)

Linking to Users This is an optional step and it allows you to associate the gift card to the user’s loyalty account making it easier to search for that customer. In later releases this will be used for an e-Wallet/Pay at the table feature (Stay Tuned)!

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