Customer Loyalty Programs for Restaurants

Customer loyalty is a large part of running any business and restaurants are not excluded from this. Having some sort of customer loyalty program is a great idea to draw customers in and keep your customer base functioning and returning time after time. Using a program is how restaurants build loyalty. Most loyalty programs involve the [&hellip

How Restaurants Build Customer Loyalty

Thriving businesses need the views of loyal customers to help them grow. Particularly, this is a core responsibility in the food and beverage industry. Learning how restaurants build customer loyalty is a good start. A dynamic custom restaurant app as an integral part of the equation when creating a business plan. It is sensible as [&hellip

Where to Find Restaurant App Developers

As the demand for restaurant management tools soars to scales unimagined, subsequently does the services of good restaurant app developers. For any business in this industry to thrive, the proprietor must explore concrete solutions to boost success. Fundamentally, satisfaction is a turnkey asset to thriving businesses. Despite the vast range of challenges restaurant management presents, [&hellip

Evaluating your Existing Loyalty Program

Evaluating your existing Loyalty Program: PART I What is the effectiveness of your current Loyalty Program? As a restauranteur, it is important to have access to existing information regarding your existing loyalty program strategy to ensure key elements are being met or exceeded. The ROI of your loyalty program, how you optimize it’s effectiveness, and [&hellip

Surviving the Off-Season by focusing on COMMUNITY and STRENGTHS

Surviving the Off-Season by Focusing on COMMUNITY and STRENGTHS Many operators are familiar with their respective “high-season” and “low-season”. These seasons change based on region (geographically) and location (nationally). For example, Florida natives hit a point during the summer when it is so hot they can not leave their front door to get to their [&hellip

Brand Awareness: Apps Put Your Brand on the Home Screen

Did you know June 19th is National Martini Day? Or that November 3rd is National Sandwich Day? How about October 14th being National Dessert Day? There are multiple ways to capitalize on scenarios similar to these “National Food Holidays” by encouraging diners to eat out more and enjoy a special pertaining to promotional days. Large [&hellip

Fast-growing AppSuite Helps Restaurants Build Customer Loyalty

Fast-growing AppSuite helps restaurants build customer loyalty BY WADE MILLWARD – PALM BEACH POST STAFF WRITER BOCA RATON — In the third floor executive suite of the One Boca Place business complex is the 700-square-foot room where you’ll find Jim Daleen’s latest business operation. The 53-year-old AppSuite co-founder’s desk is one of six tucked into [&hellip

Word-of-Mouth Advertising Still Reigns Supreme

“What’s more valuable for choosing a restaurant, dentist, gym, or new smartphone—an online review or a suggestion a close friend makes to you? Even with the explosion of review applications and sites (eg, Yelp, Google, Urbanspoon), research clearly demonstrates that word of mouth—product or service recommendations made by friends, co-workers, or neighbors you know and [&hellip