Features of a Restaurant Reward App

Restaurant Reward App

A restaurant reward app is designed for single or multi-location restaurants. Reward and loyalty features are built in. All important components needed by the restaurant to go mobile are incorporated. Included are menus, reservations, brand recognition, birthday and anniversary clubs, loyalty campaigns, mobile offers, and events.

There are also video and photo sharing, social media outlets, pop-up and push notifications. Mapping tools, delivery and take-out orders, and customer star ratings are part of the package, as well. The ability to market business directly to customers increases brand recognition, visits, referrals, and revenue.

Necessary Restaurant Reward App Features

Home Page – The restaurant reward app has a customizable, high-resolution home page image. The main navigational tool is located here.

Menus/ Rewards/Offers – High resolution list images are posted. All menus, specials, and cocktail, beer, and wine lists are included. The history and member level status is found in the Rewards section. This is where rewards are redeemed or transferred. A list of mobile offers can be viewed in the Offer section. The images in this section are also in high resolution.

Reservations – There are three ways to use the restaurant reward app to make reservations. 1) Click on “info” then “reserve a table.” 2) In the top left-hand corner of the home page, click “reserve a table.” 3) A table can be reserved from the “Locations” tab.

Events and More – Each event is presented in a high resolution image. The description, date, and time of each event can be viewed from the list provided. Videos and pictures can be posted under this tab. External links such as Trip Advisor, Yelp, and Urbanspoon can be accessed.

When developing a mobile app for a restaurant you can insert a map service that will help customers find your business. All restaurant locations will be registered on the restaurant reward app. Customers will learn the number of locations and where to find them. The distance to a restaurant in terms of miles and time are given. Optional routes are given. Turn by turn, voice activated directions take customers to the front door of the restaurant.

The restaurant reward app can be used to promote loyalty campaigns through consumer messaging notifications. Traffic and revenue are driven with the increase of brand and consumer awareness.

3 Types Of Restaurant Reward App Notifications

Push notification – Brand awareness campaigns and pre-set loyalty messages can be sent to customers with on the spot messaging. Ninety-five percent of push notifications are viewed by customers.

Pop-up notification – Live entertainment, special events, and more can be marketed with Pop-up notifications in high resolution.

Drip Campaign – Loyalty marketing campaigns can be set-up and forgotten about via drip campaigns. The marketing tool is customizable and targets customers.

Mobile reward systems increase customer frequency. Here are the types of mobile rewards that can be introduced:

  • Social Sharing Rewards – Offer reward points for sharing information about the restaurant and customer experiences through social media and email.
  • Spending Rewards – Reward points are earned for spending trends. Examples include earning points for delivery and take-out orders, purchase logging, and converting dollars to points.
  • App Features Rewards – The app can be configured to extend the offer of points when custom set features are used. The app features might include viewing events, making reservations, or ordering menu favorites.
  • Member Level Status – The landing page reveals the member’s current rewards program status. Points needed to make the next level are shown.

If the restaurant owner worries about the program being time-consuming, fears can be laid to rest. The innovative technology tracks customer purchases. Earned points are automatically and securely allocated to the customer’s account. There is an 80 percent reduction in daily administration for mobile apps than traditional systems. The staff is free to provide great service and take care of customers.

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