Delivery and Driver Management

Delivery and Driver Management

The Delivery Management module supports delivery logistics for both online ordering and phone in ordering.  The solution supports ability to either automatically or self provision orders to driver(s), create routes, and track the entire delivery process within the Micros Simphony and RES3700 POS systems.


DSS Base Module

AppSuite DSS – Delivery Support System base module

The DSS Module features the ability to build and manage geo delivery zones, assign drivers to these zones, have online and call in orders assigned to the delivery zones and then delivery these orders via the AppSuite Driver App.

Driver Support System Driver App

AppSuite DSS – Delivery Support System Driver App

The Driver app is used by the restaurant’s delivery drivers.  The Driver app is integrated with the restaurant POS via the AppSuite Cloud.  This integration enables delivery orders that are either entered via the POS or via online ordering to be auto assigned by geo location or manually picked up by the driver and assigned to their trip.  Here is a list of the key features of the Driver App:

• Supports multiple mapping tools (Apple Maps, Google Maps, etc..)

• The ability to automatically and or manually build trips from one or more orders

• Each step of the delivery process is time stamped.

• Tracks the driver’s location continually via mobile geo tracking

• Works with AppSuite’s OSS module for call center support in the Micros POS

End to End Ordering, Delivery, and Driver Solution

Operating Support System and Driver app demo

OSS “Order Support System”

The OSS module provides the ability to support phone in orders. The OSS module allows an agent to place an order, choose where the order will be delivered to, and assignment of a driver to deliver the order. The module is available for Micros Simphony 1.x, 2.x, RES3700. Features include account lookup, applying the user to the order, previous addresses, previous orders, select – add – delete – update address info, address validation, pricing for delivery fees by delivery zones, printing address, member, and delivery instructions on the check.

Operating Support System and Driver App solution for Micros Simphony 2 and RES3700 POS

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