Customer Loyalty Programs for Restaurants

Customer loyalty is a large part of running any business and restaurants are not excluded from this. Having some sort of customer loyalty program is a great idea to draw customers in and keep your customer base functioning and returning time after time. Using a program is how restaurants build loyalty. Most loyalty programs involve the swipe of a card, a mobile punch card or receipt codes that can be redeemed for discounts, freebies and other perks that are specific to the loyalty program.

All of these options can be used with a restaurant smartphone app. These apps are a fast growing market and allow customers to pull up their loyalty program details anywhere.

Cards are one of the most popular ways to earn customer loyalty. A customer could earn a certain amount of points for each swipe that can be redeemed for rewards or a specific number of swipes would mean rewards. These points can easily be seen and accessed on a mobile app for the customer to view at anytime. Many smartphone apps allow the card to also be input into the application and be scanned right from the phone, allowing the customer to eliminate having to carry around an extra plastic card.

Using a card that slides or is scanned on each visit is one of the easiest ways for customers to take advantage of how restaurants build customer loyalty.

Customer Loyalty Programs

How Restaurants Build Customer Loyalty Programs

Customer loyalty apps can be easily made with integrated mobile punch card capabilities. The punch card works much like paper punch cards and can be “punched” on every visit to the restaurant. How restaurants build customer loyalty with this option is they virtually punch the card on each visit.

After a certain number of punches, the customer is able to redeem a reward. The way these cards are punched involve either the customer virtually checking in at the restaurant or entering a code on their receipt. These punch cards have been the most popular option for many loyalty programs, even before mobile smartphone apps were ever thought of.

Many restaurants will print a code on the bottom of the receipt. This is generally called a receipt number and can be used to reference the visit for as long as it’s in the restaurant’s computer system. These codes can also be used when a customer chooses to use their restaurant smartphone app. Entering the code will show that they were at the restaurant and made a purchase while there.

Certain codes can mean different things and there may even be perks, rewards and prizes for entering the codes. This is how restaurants build customer loyalty using receipt codes and smartphone apps. Customers that know they can win something from entering the code that they earned just for visiting the restaurant are more likely to visit that restaurant over one that doesn’t offer any perks for visiting them.

Build Customer Loyalty With Your Smartphone

From swiping cards to entering codes, there are so many ways restaurants can build customer loyalty with the use of mobile or smartphone apps. The applications allow them to open a whole new world to customers where they do not have to carry a plastic or paper card.

They can easily keep track of their visits to the restaurant and the points, perks and rewards they have earned at each visit. Customers who have the app or know about the app will be more likely to visit your restaurant over other ones that don’t have any mobile apps. Getting a mobile smartphone app for your restaurant is a great way to make life easier for customers when using your customer loyalty programs and to build your customer loyalty base.

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