Customer Loyalty Apps

It is no secret that a POS system is absolutely essential to your restaurant’s business. Without one, you wouldn’t be able to easily track sales, securely process credit cards, simplify communications between servers and the kitchen staff, streamline payroll preparation…the list goes on and on. To put it simply, everything would become more cumbersome to manage, rendering your restaurant’s operations extremely inefficient. A mobile customer loyalty app is just as important to your restaurant’s success as a POS system. The POS system was not always around and neither was the mobile loyalty app but, once you have one, you cannot imagine doing business without it.

For the first time ever, daily time spent in mobile apps has surpassed desktop and mobile web usage. In terms of usage minutes per day, mobile app consumption in the U.S. has reached 127 minutes, compared to 70 minutes for web browsing. Mobile loyalty apps are your gateway to communicating and engaging your customer base. You are now able to interact with your patrons even when they aren’t in your restaurant! This creates a more personal and ongoing relationship with customers that strengthens their bond to your brand and leads to stronger customer loyalty. The paper punch loyalty card sure can’t do that.

In addition to changing the way your restaurant communicates with customers, mobile loyalty apps make customer data accessible and actionable. Your restaurant is able to track guest behaviors and target customers with deals that will appeal to them and bring them back to your restaurant. Companies that track their customer loyalty are up to 60 percent more profitable. Another bonus? Mobile coupons have a greater redemption rate of seven times over paper coupons. (Possible callout by this paragraph: Over 79% of consumers said they were likely to frequent a restaurant when they receive coupons or specials.)

In order to stay competitive, there is no better way to deploy an efficient and successful loyalty program than with a mobile app. With AppSuite your restaurant is empowered to run mobile marketing plans like the major brands but at a low cost of entry and with a money-back guarantee. AppSuite also does all of the heavy lifting so that you don’t need any special technology skills or software to run the app. AppSuite’s easily accessible back-end interface puts the power in your hands for complete personalization and branding of your app. Your customized app can offer customers services such as electronic ordering systems, digital menus, push notifications, driving direction services, in-app reservations, coupons and social media pushes. AppSuite helps you to drive traffic, grow sales, increase exposure and reward customers in order to create a loyal customer base for your restaurant.