Creating a Loyalty App is not Expensive

creating a loyalty app

People often think that creating a software program or creating a loyalty app costs a tremendous amount of money. There must be programmers to hire, creative artists, and teams of editors. Then the whole thing has to be tested, and an entire marketing program needs to be established to get people to be interested in the program. All of that must cost thousands and thousands of dollars, which no restaurant business aside from big chain brands could afford. So why would anyone want to go down this road to boost a restaurant’s name with consumers?

The answer actually costs far less than people think.


The Interesting Truth

In truth, creating a business app for smart devices can actually be done for a few hundred dollars, and it provides the keys to creating a loyalty app. While it is true there are plenty of outfits for hire that will gladly charge away thousands of dollars for their services, an app can be created for far less, technically speaking.

The reality is, a smart phone app for a restaurant doesn’t have to be a big production. Customers need to be able to see the business’ name, the food menu provided, and the restaurant’s location at a minimum. That in and of itself is simply a bit of content and formatting for how the information will display on a phone or tablet. It definitely doesn’t involve heavy rocket science.


Expand Your Options

Now let’s take things a step further. A restaurant app could also include push messaging, which essentially allows a business to send out marketing content to a dedicated audience, knowing it will reach its destination whenever someone uses the app. Email or regular mail marketing, on the other hand, has a high probability of ending up in a digital or real trash bin. This starts to open up the keys to a good restaurant customer loyalty program. The communication is provided freely, and restaurants reward people for their loyalty with more marketing content.


Quick to Production

Timing-wise, the whole process doesn’t take very long either. Creating a loyalty app can be done within a few weeks with an experienced app designer. Then, after paying a nominal fee, the app can be listed on Apple’s iTunes market once approved by Apple staff. That only takes a few weeks as well. Once it’s listed and available the app can be downloaded and used at-will by any of a restaurant’s customers and consumers as well. Further, Apple provides a dedicated web page for the app, allowing the business to link to it for interested parties by posting the link in social media and on websites.

The app tool also provides other benefits than just attention and sales for a restaurant. Link it to a loyalty program, and a business can determine who are the best customers as well as the most regular ones. That in turn can create additional opportunities for up-selling, giving special customers discounts if they generate even more businesses with big group events, catering or more. The possibilities are numerous, and app’s features are limited only by what a restaurant owner or manager can come up with.


In Summary

So if you think an app is too expensive to create to enjoy the keys to a good restaurant customer loyalty program, think again. It can literally provide the keys to a good restaurant customer loyalty program that is easy to participate in and use. Your customers will appreciate the idea, and they will likely generate referrals to new customers as well. And what better way to enjoy quick, directed marketing than through an app that people can read on their devices easily and with the ability to update and change.


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