Create a New Customer Loyalty Program this Holiday Season

customer loyalty programIn today’s society, more and more people are looking for a way to save money on their shopping excursions throughout the year.  By creating a customer loyalty program, you can help bring more people into your establishment for the holidays.  Bolstering more of the market is easier than one might think if you take the time to do it properly and prepare in advance.  Consider implementing one of the customer loyalty program options available for your business.

Automatic Customer Loyalty Programs

When it comes to an automatic rewards program, the guest will earn points for every dollar they spend in your establishment.  Once they reach a specified threshold, the points can be turned in for a specified reward.  After the reward is earned, the points are reset to zero and the guest will begin earning points all over for another reward.

Common reward programs are that of reward dollars or product rewards.  As an example, guests can accumulate 100 points to earn a reward off their next visit.  Product rewards might give the guest a free dessert, while the dollars program will give the patron $5 or $10 off their purchase.

Either way you look at it, this simplistic approach will bring guests in to participate in the program.  Since the automatic customer loyalty program is easy to follow, you don’t have to spend a fortune in administration fees.  By choosing what type of reward you are going to offer, you can tailor the program to your specific needs and personality.


Bankable Points Programs

By implementing a bankable points program, your guests can accumulate and redeem their points when they desire.  For every dollar the guest spends, they earn points that are stored and tracked into their personal account.  As the balance rises, the guest has the option of redeeming their points for rewards that fall in line with their values.

Bankable programs tend to work the best when they include a variety of different menu items and rewards.  When you choose to price the rewards at various levels, you make the program that much more appealing.  Rewards that can be achieved in just a few visits will attract those who don’t visit as often, while the rewards at higher levels will bring those who patronize your establishment back more frequently to achieve their reward.

Discount Programs

Using a discount program will provide your guests with a reduction in price on all of their purchases.  For example, you can provide them with 5 or 10 percent off their entire purchase or it can be applied to specific items.  A discount program provides you with an advantage for getting those who are looking to save money on their purchases, such as families and senior citizens.  When they are selectively applied, they can provide an excellent level for boosting traffic on slower days.  Make sure to pay attention to how you plan to use their customer loyalty program to avoid cutting into your bottom line more than what you need to.


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