Searching for the Best Restaurant Loyalty Program?

A restaurant loyalty program provides you with exceptional financial returns by motivating all of your patrons to visit your establishment more frequently and spend more money each time they visit.  One loyalty program isn’t going to work for all of the different types of restaurant services and brands. Since there are a number of different [&hellip

Brand Awareness: Apps Put Your Brand on the Home Screen

Did you know June 19th is National Martini Day? Or that November 3rd is National Sandwich Day? How about October 14th being National Dessert Day? There are multiple ways to capitalize on scenarios similar to these “National Food Holidays” by encouraging diners to eat out more and enjoy a special pertaining to promotional days. Large [&hellip

Word-of-Mouth Advertising Still Reigns Supreme

“What’s more valuable for choosing a restaurant, dentist, gym, or new smartphone—an online review or a suggestion a close friend makes to you? Even with the explosion of review applications and sites (eg, Yelp, Google, Urbanspoon), research clearly demonstrates that word of mouth—product or service recommendations made by friends, co-workers, or neighbors you know and [&hellip

AppSuite: Loyalty Cards You Keep on Your Phone

Loyalty programs are easy ways to retain customers, but most use inconvenient cards. AppSuite develops customized loyalty programs for restaurants complete with its own web based mobile apps made for phones! That means no more losing your rewards card…unless you lose your phone. Don’t lose your phone. Watch AppSuite’s interview with Cali Lewis and John Pozadzides [&hellip

Reward customers to create loyal customers

Achieving customer loyalty has officially become the $64,000 question in the food and beverage industry. What if we told you that we could give you the $64,000 answer? All it takes is your customers, old and new, who come into your establishment with an Android or iPhone device and our mobile restaurant loyalty program. Restaurant [&hellip

The future of marketing for restaurants

Back in the ol’ days… We have all heard it before, the famous “back in my day” quotes. Maybe you are someone reading this that can personally relate to the past when things were much simpler. Maybe you are reading this and have an Uncle or Grandpa who has shared stories of “the good ol’ [&hellip

Ideas for growing my restaurant

The secret to growing your restaurant from within It is no secret that the restaurant business can be pretty risky. On average, a quarter of restaurants will fail within their first year of operation. This number almost doubles by year two. If your restaurant has prevailed through the first few years of adversity, congratulations on beating the [&hellip