The Benefits of iPhone Apps for Restaurants

If there’s one thing Apple did right as a company, it was in creating the iPhone and iPad. The devices are so popular, they command at least one out three phone users and half of tablet users. And the consumers who don’t have them are predominantly choosing other devices because they can’t afford Apple products [&hellip

The Benefits of Android Apps for Restaurants

Android apps for restaurants are usually not the first thing a food service business owner thinks of in terms of marketing, even when discussing an Internet online presence to draw in more customers and interested parties. However, the simple fact is, smart devices are becoming the yellow pages that people are using to find a [&hellip

Surviving the Off-Season by focusing on COMMUNITY and STRENGTHS

Surviving the Off-Season by Focusing on COMMUNITY and STRENGTHS Many operators are familiar with their respective “high-season” and “low-season”. These seasons change based on region (geographically) and location (nationally). For example, Florida natives hit a point during the summer when it is so hot they can not leave their front door to get to their [&hellip

Fast-growing AppSuite Helps Restaurants Build Customer Loyalty

Fast-growing AppSuite helps restaurants build customer loyalty BY WADE MILLWARD – PALM BEACH POST STAFF WRITER BOCA RATON — In the third floor executive suite of the One Boca Place business complex is the 700-square-foot room where you’ll find Jim Daleen’s latest business operation. The 53-year-old AppSuite co-founder’s desk is one of six tucked into [&hellip

AppSuite: Loyalty Cards You Keep on Your Phone

Loyalty programs are easy ways to retain customers, but most use inconvenient cards. AppSuite develops customized loyalty programs for restaurants complete with its own web based mobile apps made for phones! That means no more losing your rewards card…unless you lose your phone. Don’t lose your phone. Watch AppSuite’s interview with Cali Lewis and John Pozadzides [&hellip

Groupon: Good or Bad for Business?

Groupon actually doesn’t help build loyal customer  Some major challenges that restaurant owners and bar and night club owners face is how to get customers to come back. The key isn’t that one time coupon that you offered local consumers, however the value you are giving the customer to stay engaged with your business.  With [&hellip

Loyalty Programs on the go!

MOBILE is the current, LOYALTY is the future! Looking for more out of a custom mobile app for your business? So are your Customers! How are you rewarding the loyal patrons that come into your business? Paper is out, utilize our mobile loyalty program! AppSuite has the perfect solution to keep those devoted customers coming back consistently.  “Many [&hellip