Multi-Channel Marketing

It’s never too early to begin marketing to your members even if you’ve just begun your loyalty program. Your AppSuite loyalty solution gives you the power to communicate on a 1-1 basis with your members, so there is no need to wait until your membership is at satisfactory levels to begin a marketing & communications [&hellip

Marketing Your Restaurant With Customer Loyalty Apps

Customer loyalty programs are designed to turn new customers into regulars, and turn regular customers into even more devoted fans of the brand. They accomplish this not only by being the most convenient way to hear about restaurant deals and rewards, but also because they serve as a crucial extension of the restaurant’s existing marketing [&hellip

Why Mobile Customer Loyalty Programs Work

More than 50 percent of the population has a mobile phone. When you look at mobile customer loyalty programs, they work because virtually everyone has a mobile phone. This allows you to communicate with everyone effectively, and allows them to interact with your brand in a way that they understand. Too many restaurants make it [&hellip

Why You Need a Restaurant Reward Program

When restaurant owners look into developing a mobile app for restaurants, they want the technology to ‘Help grow my restaurant.’ Many restaurant owners turn to a customer loyalty app to retain and expand their customer base. They worry about the cost to keep the program running, the concern is whether the discount will increase sales. [&hellip