Designed for the single unit, multi-unit, and multi-concept restaurants and restaurant groups.   The loyalty app incorporates everything a restaurant needs to go mobile such as take-out and delivery ordering, mobile marketing, brand recognition, menus, events, reservations, offers, loyalty campaigns, birthday and anniversary clubs, social media, mapping tools, and more! By having the ability to market your business directly into your customers’ pocket, you can increase brand recognition, increase visits, increase referrals and increase revenue.

Cross Platform Support

AppSuite provides 4 technical options for smartphone users to connect with you via our mobile platform and a web plug-in for PC access.

  • Native Mobile Apps – We have built native apps for the 2 most prevalent mobile platforms
    • Android
    • IOS (Apple)

Note: Android & IOS account for about 95% of the smartphones in the world today

  • HTML5 – For all other mobile devices we offer an identical experience via our HTML5 responsive App that can be used on all mobile web browsers.
  • Web Plug-in – The AppSuite Web Plug-in installs easily into your website via a single line of code and allow for both registration of new users and account management for existing users.  Once a user logs into the Plug-in the visual experience is identical to the mobile platform making it seamless to move from one method to another.

The AppSuite approach ensures that all of your customer regardless of the device type or platform can access our great customer care services and features.

Cross Platform Support

Custom Designs

The AppSuite mobile app is a powerful, configurable, and easy to use platform.  You have ultimate flexibility to customize your app to meet your businesses needs including:

  • Featured content with overlaid text
  • Customized color schemes
  • Add/remove locations
  • Customize available features (Loyalty, ordering, gift cards, e-wallet, etc..)
  • Add integrated credit card processing

Changes to your app setting are done quickly and conveniently from the comfort of our Customer Care Portal making it simple for you to take control of your mobile app and personalize it for your business.  Changes made are instantly reflected in the mobile apps without app updates.

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The fastest growing sector of the restaurant industry are fast casual and quick service concepts that feature counter based and drive thru services.  Within these rapidly growing sectors it has become important to offer guests the ability pay at the counter quickly, securely, and conveniently via a mobile app.  AppSuite offers a fantastic fully integrated solution for you!  In addition to payment functions our solution also automatically logs the users purchases for loyalty, rewards and business intelligence purposes.  AppSuite comprehensive e-wallet solution provides the following features and benefits:

  • Customer can connect a gift card to their profile transforming it to their e-wallet.  This can be done via the mobile app or you can do this for them at your POS or in the Customer Care Portal.
  • Seamless connectivity to your loyalty and rewards program.
  • The program is e-commerce enabled allowing customers to purchase and reload their e-wallet via credit card via the mobile app or your web plug-in.
  • Auto reloading via secure tokenized credit cards providing  customers complete control of when and how their e-wallet will be replenished.
  • Complete log of all transactions reducing your need to answer questions about balances and use of the e-wallet and or gift card.
  • Supports multiple cards and card types
Grouped eWallet
eWallet Process

Integrated Mobile Ordering

Mobile and web ordering has moved from a nice to have to a must have for restaurants who seek to compete with larger chains and groups who offer customers these convenient and cost saving solutions.  With the skyrocketing costs of labor and employee benefits, moving a meaningful percentage of your orders to automated ordering methods can help you control labor costs!  Studies also show how order size and frequency increase via the use of up selling and re-ordering techniques.  Here are some of the powerful features that our mobile ordering supports:

  • Integration to many POS platforms including Micros, Maitre’D, Positouch, Aloha, Dinerware and Infogenisys
  • Support for sophisticated but easy to use menu item modifiers
  • Integrated to loyalty, and rewards
  • Integrated to guest surveys
  • ecommerce integration for credit card support
  • Support for GEO based delivery zones allow you to both constrain delivery orders to specific areas you support with the fees you define per zone, if applicable.
  • Support for ordering in advance and catering orders.

Grouped Ordering Flow

Integrated Ordering Process

Multi Concept/Location

Our program has the ability to grow and support your needs regardless of your structure.  AppSuite will grow with your business needs.  We support the following business models models:

  • Single unit restaurants
  • Multi-unit restaurant chains
  • Multi-concept restaurant groups including non restaurant concepts such as retail, travel, sundries, etc..
  • Multi-Concept Multi-Unit groups where certain concepts may also have multiple locations.

Some of the features that our program supports are:

  • The ability to setup group rewards and offers
  • The ability to setup specific location based offers and rewards
  • Customizable surveys per location and or concept
  • Customize your loyalty program by concept type to allow you to grant more points per dollar on high margin businesses like restaurants, but lower the earn rate for smaller margin businesses such as retail, travel, etc..
  • Personalize user experience based upon where the user joined and or where they would like to be connected to.
  • Server based referral program allowing you to track membership growth by team member
  • Integrated mapping and directions
  • Detailed business information
    • hours of operation
    • address
    • Phone with automated dialing via mobile
  • Personalized services per location allowing you to offer specific services at certain locations such as ordering without having to offer it across the entire group.

Locations View

Touch ID

The AppSuite mobiel app takes advantage of secure and convenient touch ID features on Apple IOS devices allowing users to use their iPhone’s touch ID to conveniently log into the mobile app without having to remember user names and passwords!

Grouped Touch ID

Rewards Information

When you offer a rewards program your members will become passionate about their progress and status.  AppSuite provides members access to everything that is needed to keep them informed and excited about their continued progress increasing guest satisfaction and reducing customer service inquiries.  Features include:

  • Current available points available to be redeemed.
  • Total points earned during the current benefit year that track program status.
  • Current program status showing both point level but a visual cue to their progress toward upcoming status changes and benefits.
  • Complete user history of all visits, points earned, points redeemed, offers redeemed, etc..
  • Current available offers.
  • Current available rewards.

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