Brand Awareness: Apps Put Your Brand on the Home Screen

Brand AwarenessDid you know June 19th is National Martini Day? Or that November 3rd is National Sandwich Day? How about October 14th being National Dessert Day?

There are multiple ways to capitalize on scenarios similar to these “National Food Holidays” by encouraging diners to eat out more and enjoy a special pertaining to promotional days. Large chains often use an individual’s birthday as an incentive to come in, but that only happens once a year! Many operators would agree that changing their website to reflect these rotating promotional days is time consuming and costly. A good social media campaign can definitely get the word-of-mouth buzz going, but how can you get more personal with a loyal customer?

AppSuite, LLC offers a solution for restaurant operators- build your brand’s awareness and add to current marketing strategies with a custom app. Apps allow push notifications that go directly to a diner’s smartphone. Another feature your custom restaurant app has that encourages brand awareness is the ability to compliment other services, such as online ordering or delivery. According to Social Media Today, “some businesses with a more serious and formal brand personality may view mobile applications as a frivolous and unnecessary investment. However, when used as a means of enhancing an existing product or service, they can be highly effective.”

Take Dominos Pizza for instance- The well-known brand recently revealed it had taken $1,000,000 in mobile pizza sales within a week of the app’s launch. AppSuite offers restaurants the opportunity to create brand awareness in the same way large chains do, at only a fraction of the cost. In addition to the overwhelming research studies pointing businesses in the direction of mobile apps for customer engagement and future marketing strategies, Social Media Today goes on to say:

“Brands stand to achieve a great deal from integrating mobile platforms into their marketing strategies moving forward. With constant advances in location-based technology and augmented reality, there’s sure to be a great deal of innovation on the horizon.”

AppSuite helps to build BRAND AWARENESS by reaching your target audience without “over-spending”- two major issues large chains face. released an article last week from Jeremy Morgan, the VP of Marketing for burger chain, Smashburger. Morgan talks about “setting themselves apart” from the competition by building Brand Awareness. This is nothing new, however, Morgan points out- “as a young brand we are still at a 20% to 25% unawareness level within a 5-mile radius of our stores” and are “over-spending” in television ads.


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