The Best Strategies For A Multi-Concept Restaurant Group

multi-concept restaurant group

If you are a successful business owner then you’ve probably used that success to open up a new business in order to reach more customers and expand your brand. As a new business expands and grows there will be new problems that present themselves. While it might make sense to independently manage the marketing strategy for each location, this wouldn’t be the most efficient way to run multi-concept restaurant groups.

Multi-Concept Restaurant Group: Gathering Data

With multi-concept restaurants the best results would come from leveraging all of the locations by gaining as many of the following insights as possible:

– Demographic of each customer base

– Popular items

– Busiest days/hours

Effective customer loyalty incentives

One of the best ways to harness this information is through digital tools such as mobile apps. The use of apps allows your business and brand to literally be in the palm of your customers hand. To take advantage of this very powerful touch point with customers there must be value built into the app. Which features will provide the best value for customers?

Essential App Features

The overwhelming majority of current day internet users, about 90%, are using their mobile devices to get online. The restaurant industry is also one of the most popular industries on mobile due to services such as Yelp and Urbanspoon. We know that some of the most used features include:

– Full Menus

– Location Information

– Table Reservations

– Delivery and Takeout Options

Having these great features will add a lot of value for customers and could differentiate you from a competitor without them. On the management side these features and some other behind the scenes capabilities can provide some powerful insights that would allow an owner to leverage their multi-concept restaurant group. For example an owner can gain customer demographic insights about each location, this could lead to cross promotion opportunities. The takeout and delivery options could show which menu items sell the best within those categories. This could be used to promote less popular items or make the menu leaner by removing options that don’t sell enough to break even.

The app would also allow an owner to deliver a dedicated experience to the customer by being able to customize the app to the concept of the restaurant. This means using the same color palette that the restaurant uses in its decor as well as using the same font found throughout the restaurant. For example, the menu on the mobile device should be an exact aesthetic replica of what is found in the restaurant. This small but important detail not only make your restaurant mobile but they also make your experience mobile. This is something that can only be done by developing a mobile presence for your multi-concept restaurant group.

These are just some of the benefits in using a mobile app for a multi-concept business. It’s a great way to engage with customers and knowing them better by gathering marketing data on their behaviors and preferences. This data can open the doors to some innovative new strategies that can result in conversions and retention. Appsuite provides all of these great features and more through their mobile app solutions. Give them a call today or visit their website for some great information on how to revolutionize your restaurant.

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