The Benefits of Android Apps for Restaurants

android apps for restaurants

Android apps for restaurants are usually not the first thing a food service business owner thinks of in terms of marketing, even when discussing an Internet online presence to draw in more customers and interested parties. However, the simple fact is, smart devices are becoming the yellow pages that people are using to find a viable restaurant in their location. And, while local search is one viable method of marketing, a number of restaurants are taking matters a step further with their own app program delivered by Google Android market servers to Android phone users. Why?

Fast Content

Apps allow a business to deliver and provide consumers far more about a restaurant’s goods than just a quick listing on a search engine. An app allows lots of content to be available, and the consumer can choose to read it all or just browse through the material. The best feature is the fact that once the app is loaded, there are no delays waiting for more data to arrive, which is the case with websites even on broadband connections. Instead, a user can use android apps for restaurants to find food services and goods he likes, put in orders ahead of time, put down deposits for big groups, schedule reservations and handle a lot more. The limitations mainly depend on what the restaurant is willing to manage with the program and the company’s connected databases.

Start Off by Looking at Samples

Research helps quite a bit when it comes to understand the potential benefits of a restaurant android app. Food business owners tend to be visual types, so seeing is believing. No surprise then, it makes sense to see the tool in action and what it can offer before investing time and resources into building a new app. Most will have the basics such as an access to the restaurant menu, location and contact information, pricing on special group affairs, obviously to push reservations for these higher revenue events. That said, some apps get even more creative with loyalty programs, specials and access to coupons for discounted pricing on meals, and contests customers can win, usually for more coupons and food prizes. Birthday bonuses are also a neat feature people like a lot as well.

A Beneficial Trade-Off

In exchange, customers using android apps for restaurants usually provide all their contact information which can be valuable for marketing events, emails, mailers, and connecting advertisement campaigns with real cashier results as customers “check in” at restaurants with the app in hand. Further, an embedded app ensures guaranteed receipt of push messaging, so a restaurant owner or marketing manager knows new advertisement communication is being read and reaching its consumer destination versus ending up in a mail trash can, digital or real.

In Summary

All of the above can be had by simply using an Android app creation tool like Appsuite. The tool gives a business the ability create a proprietary app without a large amount of upfront investment or outsourcing bits and pieces and then waiting for people to deliver. The level of control is in the comfortable zone, and a restaurant gets a product that works in both app markets if desired. So Android apps for restaurants are very much a win-win approach to going digital with personal marketing.

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