The App For Multi-Location Restaurants


App For Multi-Location Restaurants

Attribution: Alex Castella

As a restaurant brand grows the growth presents a new set of challenges for a business owner. With this success most restaurants expand to multi-location restaurants to reach new customers and keep the growth going. While the management of each restaurant should stay constant across all locations the marketing strategy should be adjusted to the customers and the area they serve. In order to adjust the marketing strategy, there must be enough data to validate the strategy.

Gathering this kind of marketing data is not difficult if done correctly by utilizing the internet. The web has become an increasingly popular tool for delivering value to consumers, but it can also deliver value to business owners.

The first step in gathering this information is having a web presence. By having your business online you are able to interact with customers where they are. Almost 80% of all people in the United States access the internet, and the food service industry is one of the most popular online because of services such as Yelp and Urbanspoon. What this means is that consumers are looking for restaurants online first. So what’s the best app for multi-location restaurants?

Appsuite: An App For Multi-Location Restaurants

Appsuite provides an all in one solution for restaurant owners that allows them to deliver value to the customers as well as gather valuable customer information. Appsuite is an app development tool that allows restaurants to deliver their experience to the palm of their customers.

It allows for complete customization of the app so each restaurant can have its own presence that matches the physical location. For example, using the same color palette found in the restaurant and the same font used in the menus, this extends the customer experience.

Appsuite also allows every app to have some of the most sought after app features. These features include a digital menu with pricing, locations and hours, and a customer loyalty program. In order for users to take advantage of the customer loyalty programs they must create an account which asks for a lot of information such as name, email, address, and phone number. This provides the business with three new touchpoints besides the app. The app itself can push notifications to the customer, including information on daily specials or special events at the restaurant.

These features make Appsuite an effective mobile platform and marketing solution for multi-location restaurants. Find out more at Appsuite and make your appointment today for a consultation on how to best serve your business.

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