Success Stories

Lemongrass Restaurant Group

Brands: 4
Locations: 7
HQ: Delray Beach Florida
Restaurant Type: Asian Bistro

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Appsuite Services

Package: Multi-Concept App
Support Plan: Gold
Other Services: In app Take out and Delivery, Loyalty & Rewards, Mobile offers, Mobile Marketing


The restaurant group has enjoyed success with all concepts and was looking to take their business to the next level by introducing advanced new features and benefits to customers via AppSuite’s 360° Mobile Marketing Solution


There is robust membership growth and a steady increase in mobile ordering for Takeout and Delivery. Customers are excited about the mobile app and loyalty and rewards program.

Art Piyavichayanont, owner of the Lemongrass Restaurant Group

“Customers love the mobile app and benefits of the loyalty and rewards program. The ability for customers to order via our mobile app has helped grow our takeout and delivery business. We’ve found the perfect partner in AppSuite to help us use mobile technology to provide an even better experience for our customers”

Gulf Coast Connoisseur Club

Brands: Michael's On East, Michael's Events & Catering, Michael's Wine Cellar, Admiral Travel International
Locations: 4
HQ: Sarasota, Florida
Restaurant Type: Multi-Concept Loyalty Group


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Appsuite Services

Package: Multi-Concept Loyalty App
Support Plan: Gold
Other Services: Loyalty & Rewards, Website Access, Gift Cards, Loyalty Cards, Mobile Marketing


The leadership of the GCCC turned to AppSuite to build a customized app due to the company’s specialization serving the food and beverage industry by providing advanced features such as loyalty, branding and advanced customer care.


The Gulf Coast Connoisseur Club (GCCC) currently includes Admiral Travel International, Michael’s On East, Michael’s Events & Catering and Michael’s Wine Cellar. The popular program boasts more than 12,000 members who accumulate points and earn rewards with participating GCCC venues. Members are now able to check their current and lifetime point balance via the new mobile app, plus track their advancement to higher membership status levels as they earn their way from Bronze to Silver, Gold and Platinum where they will receive superior rewards and benefits. Additional features include the opportunity to make reservations at Michael’s On East, view travel tips and last-minute travel incentives from Admiral Travel, and engage with each business on social media networks within the app.

Phil Mancini, Co-Proprietor of Michael’s On East and Co-Founder of the GCCC

“As independent businesses, our GCCC partners share the philosophy of knowing our guests personally and catering to their specific needs to exceed expectations everyday. This new app allow us to fulfill a new type of customer service via a digital platform. I have been wary of technology in the past, but I love having all my rewards on my phone today,” Mancini laughs. “I’m thrilled with this easy-to-use, meaningful platform Appsuite created to benefit our most loyal guests.”


Brands: Hobnobbers
Locations: 1
HQ: Sycamore, Illinois
Restaurant Type: Casual Dining Sports Bar


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Appsuite Services

Package: Single Unit Loyalty App
Support Plan: Gold
Other Services: Gift Cards, Loyalty Cards, Mobile Ordering, Automated Loyalty Processing via credit card network, mobile marketing, mobile offers, event management


Implemented a 360° marketing solution that informs and engages customers, incents and rewards customers to dine more frequently, and provides customers value added services making it easy to do business with Hobnobbers.


Since opening, Hobnobbers has enjoyed robust customer traffic and a very enthusiastic response from its new patrons. The mobile app and loyalty and rewards program has been a huge hit and a major factor in the success of this new restaurant

Mike Crawford, owner of Hobnobbers

“customer growth and satisfaction has exceeded my expectations. Customers love the mobile app and benefits of the loyalty and rewards program.”