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Revolutionizing Restaurant Customer Loyalty & Reward Programs

Imagine targeting customer rewards based on their behaviors and buying patterns. Gone are the days of the “one reward fits all”. Now you can choose how to reward your customers with powerful programs that are tailored to meet their individual needs. AppSuite uses innovative loyalty tactics and a deep understanding of what drives repeat customer purchasing to impact your bottom line and cultivate a loyal following of raving fans. AppSuite works closely with a customer advisory board, made up of various restaurant owners and marketing executives. Weʼve used our successful technology track record as entrepreneurs to define and develop our world class customer loyalty program.

Utilizing a mobile app for restaurants can be the difference between an occasional customer and a loyal one that always chooses your establishment over the competition. How can one app make such a difference? It establishes a bond between you and the customer, a business relationship that allows them to show you their needs, and you to reward them for their continued patronage.

Mobile applications for restaurants are fast becoming the new standard for attracting repeat business and engendering loyalty amongst customers. A loyalty app from Appsuite, in conjunction with the other services they offer combine to become a total and ultimate solution for restaurant owners to increase their profits by a huge margin.

Key Features


"Friction Free" Transactions

Are you thinking a rewards program is time-consuming and you don't have time to mange a program? Our innovative technology keeps track of all customer purchases, automatically and securely allocates earned points to your customers account. With AppSuite's loyalty program, daily administration is reduced by 80% compared to traditional systems. Your staff is free to take care of your customers and provide great service.



Powerful Rewards

Don't limit your business with generic "Me Too" set of rewards because the tools you have only allow you to reward your loyal patrons based on the limitations of the technology you have today. With AppSuite's reward program, you can decide how you want to reward your customers. Reward with goods, cash back, percentages, status levels….many more options. We put the power in your hands and let you decide how to reward your loyal customers.


Automatic Drip Campaigns

The hassle of maintaining programs are a "thing-of-the-past". Reward your loyal customers automatically based on individual actions and behaviors from participating in your program. Simple steps to setup your preferences and our system does the work for you to drive repeat customer visits and increased revenues.


Take-Out and Delivery services

Take your restaurant to the next level by enabling mobile commerce via your app! Appsuite makes as easy as 1-2-3 with our Take-Out and Delivery module. Customers build their order by selecting food choices and their preferred delivery method. They can also choose from favorites or repeat orders via our safe, secure and easy to use module. We provide everything you need to run a seamless take-out and delivery service including geo-fencing for delivery areas, special instructions for food temperature, garnishes, delivery charges, and a completely streamlined and integrated mobile commerce engine!

Rewards points are earned for orders too!


Social Sharing Rewards

82% of loyalty members will refer a friend to the loyalty program they use today. Reward your customers for referring your brand and allow them to share their experience


Your customers joined your reward program, now what? What drivers are in place to keep your customers engaged, inquisitive and coming back for more?

Many rewards systems focus only on rewards and lack the ability to provide a complete (360) view of your business. Don't you want your customers to know what specials you offer today or provide detailed information about an upcoming event or even the easiest way to make a reservation? AppSuite offers you a COMPLETE solution for your business. Automated messaging & campaigns, rewards, reservations, mobile ordering, offers & events and social media connectivity. AppSuite's solution is modular, you can choose the functions you need. Check out our Product section to see a complete listing of our features.

Give your customers the information they want.