Next Generation Loyalty & Rewards Integrated to Micros POS

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Want a world class Loyalty & Rewards program that’s fully integrated to your Micros POS?

AppSuite is revolutionizing the way businesses do customer loyalty. See how AppSuite’s revolutionary multi-channel 360 degree marketing program can help you squeeze the most out of your customer relationships all from the ease and convenience of your Micros POS!

Customers in a Loyalty Program visit 2x as often and spend 4x as much money as those who don’t!

Customer Loyalty is within reach and simple to setup with our Micros POS integration

Customer loyalty is not a new concept. Many studies have proven that well-executed loyalty programs create significantly larger profit margins in competitive markets. Why do you think large corporations like Starbucks, CVS and Safeway (just to name a few) invest MILLIONS of dollars into their customer loyalty programs.  Now you can either update your legacy loyalty program or institute a new state-of the-are program from AppSuite and leapfrog your competition!

Next Generation Cloud CRM solution that’s fully Micros Integrated.



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A 360 Degree Experience for Every Customer

View Offers & Rewards On Your Website or directly in your Micros POS

Integrate Your Loyalty Program in your Micros POS and on Your Website

Customers can self register on your website or you can setup their account for them easily via your Micros POS.  This allows easy access to offers and rewards so you can keep your customers engaged with your brand.

  • Convert Online Visitors to Loyalty Members
  • Participants can Look Up Their Loyalty Points
  • Push Offers & Rewards
  • Easily Reward Customers for their Repeat Business
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Growing membership is easy!

Enable Customers to Track Purchases & Rewards easily.  AppSuite makes it simple for customers to join and receive benefits in our program.  Customers can be connected to the program via several simple methods including;

  • Linking their credit card
  • Branded Loyalty App
  • Loyalty Card
  • Phone number
  • Email address

AppSuite makes it simple for you and your staff to administer the program!

  • Embedded in your Micros POS terminal
  • Reward Customers without the hassle of complicated programs
  • Easily Encourage Repeat Visits & Purchases
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Notify Customers About New Offers Wherever They Are

Reach All Your Customers With Mobile App Push Notifications

  • Easy In-Store Reward Redemption
  • Seamless App Interface
  • Customize Your App
  • Reach Loyal Customers from Anywhere
  • More Store Foot Traffic
  • Build the Perfect Loyalty Program with New and Existing Customers
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Automated multi-channel marketing

Run 1-1 marketing campaigns that reach customers effectively

  • Customer Management Database
  • Supports
    • Email
    • SMS
    • Push Messaging
    • Social Media
  • Automated Campaigns
    • Drip Campaigns
    • Birthday
    • Anniversary
    • We miss you!

One system that does it all!

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